Expertise in Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu

Elly has received extensive amounts of training in Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu, and is very proficient in them. Her unsheathing Iai attack, when applicable, is her most powerful attack, made to break through heavy defenses. After unsheathing, she changes to her main stance, Chudan no Kamae. This technique strikes a good balance between offense and defense, and blind-sights the enemy with her weapon. She occasionally uses Jodan no Kamae whenever she needs to put a little more oomph into her attacks.


Elly's Chudan no Kamae stance. It affords her a balance between offense and defense.

While Elly uses basic Kamae stances, the general principle she holds to is eliminating unnecessary, wasteful movements. Instead of several swift strikes, her ideal attack is a single swift, powerful blow. When she does use more movements, it's usually for defense against a multi-attacking style, or for certain special maneuvers. It can also mean that she's getting nervous, a sign of momentary weakness in her pattern..

Hand to hand combat

While she's best at combat with her katana or her shinai, she is physically strong and can engage in hand to hand combat. For this, she uses her tail and wings as extra limbs for attacking. She especially likes using her legs, incorporating lots of kicks into her fighting style (even in her Kendo and Iaido combat). Some of her techniques involve her balancing or pivoting on her tail to position attacks. She can use slashing claw attacks, but she doesn't use them often, though she uses the claws on her feet more frequently than the ones on her hands.

Extremely fast reaction and flight speed

Elly is relatively nimble on the ground. However, her speed really shines in two instances. She has incredible reaction time during combat, being quick to parry, block, and punish. Her speed also reaches extremes during long periods of flight. This generally isn't practical for combat, but over extended amounts of time she attains an incredible flight speed.


Mild elemental breath attacks

Being a dragon, she can shoot elemental blasts from her mouth, but her breath attacks are rather weak. She often uses them for light tactical maneuvers, like spraying embers into the opponent's eyes. This is the weakest part of her arsenal by far.

Resistance to elements

Her dragon scales have natural resistance to elemental attacks, causing most kinds of them to be not very effective against her. However, strong elemental attacks still hurt her adequately.

Elemental weapon infusion

Her main "power" is her ability to infuse objects with her innate elemental power. She can utilize most basic elements like this, and while these powers were weak as blasts from her mouth, they're amplified and strong in her infusions! She has large reserves of elemental energy to call upon for this power, but not limitless: if she overdoes things she'll find herself unable to use her infusions at all. One thing to keep in mind is that these infusions aren't the bulk of her strength in battle, despite being her main power.

Specifics for certain elements follow:

Blue Fire

The most powerful of her elemental infusions is blue fire around her weapon of choice. This fire adds extreme power to her weapon, but the blue fire has to be more focused, so she can do fewer special techniques involving the use of the flames. This counts as its own element since it's separate from another kind of fire infusion she uses.

White Fire

This fire is less powerful than her blue fire, but it's also a lot more pliable, allowing her to do certain maneuvers with it like using the fire as a whip, or having the fire hang in the air for extended periods of time. She mostly uses this for fire whip style techniques, though the white flame rope isn't able to actually grab someone and pull them in.


Ice is also a very powerful infusion for her blade. When used on a blunt weapon, it can be used to give it a sharp edge, useful for situations that demand it. Its slashes tend to hang in the air a bit, frozen, before breaking. Swinging really hard, Elly can fling a chunk of ice from her weapon at her foe. If someone is slashed, the ice will spread around the hit somewhat. This can be used to incapacitate someone, i.e. making them unable to use a limb without it being severed.


A simple infusion, but one that's quite effective. It's an important power for her shinai because it allows her to damage armored foes more easily. It simply makes electricity course through the blade, electricity that zaps the foe upon contact. It has all the properties of regular electricity, so it can both be conducted by water and repelled by rubber, etc. Elly can control the amount of electricity used for this infusion, ranging in amounts from stun baton level to intense lightning bolt level.


Elly can use the power of water in many ways with her weapon. The infusion's properties depend on the weapon used: with her shinai, swinging it makes water splash from the tip and the side like a hose, and hitting someone with it is equivalent to a forceful punch. This makes it handy for medium range combat, as she can use it to "punch" a foe from afar. When using a katana, the water slashes instead of punches. She doesn't have much control over the water once it's out of the weapon.


She doesn't use this element a lot because she can use powerful wind maneuvers with the power of her wings. Regardless, this is an ability she has. She's not proficient enough at this infusion to fire wind sickles at her opponent, but she can use it in a pinch for mid range combat, when she needs to make the gap between her and an opponent larger. It simply makes strong wings blow from her slashes.


Elly can make a vine rope sprout from the tip of the weapon she's using, and use it as a whip. While not very strong, it's effective for grabbing a foe. She can also use heavy mud as a fusion of both her water and earth powers. It is used like her water powers, but it has the added properties of making a foe slower from being covered in mud.


Elly can make her shadow come out and join her in battle for about half a second. This "shadow partner" appears to be Elly's shillouette. While mostly an illusory tactic, the partner does in fact do damage on its own, and Elly sometimes uses it for cross attack maneuvers. This is a difficult, but strong power for her to use.


Like darkness, this is a difficult power for her to use. The most she can do is make a sudden bright flash, which can be used to temporarily blind a foe. While making the intensity of the initial flash high is difficult for Elly, she has an easier time simply using the power as a makeshift flashlight, as lower levels of light are easier for her to use. Her white and blue fire infusions generate light, but Elly still chooses to use this power for illuminating darkness.


Elly's blood is strange compared to the blood of most Mobians. The dragon curse of greed makes treasure and riches her literal life source, shown best whenever Elly is wounded. Her blood instantly crystallizes into red gemstones, doing so in any scenario where her blood is exposed outside her body. This quirky ability has a few functions. For one, her blood clots almost instantly, making her almost immune to the effects of severe blood loss. Another strange property of these blood gemstones is that they can absorb riches to heal Elly's wounds. For example, Elly placing a golden crown on a stomach wound would cause the crown to shrink and eventually disintegrate. The gemstones would go away, healed skin and tissue in its place. This power is so potent, even severed limbs could be reattached to her with a "treasure suture" of sorts.

To clarify on her ability to absorb riches and heal, this phenomena doesn't happen automatically. Elly can control when an object of value is absorbed into her wounds. As such, if Elly's hand got wounded while she happened to be holding a valuable object or weapon, that object wouldn't be absorbed without her willing it. The only exception to this is in critical conditions, where her body will absorb automatically as an emergency measure

These unique properties do not come without weaknesses. Elly's natural recovery rate is much lower than that of other Mobians; wounds can take three times as long as regular wounds to heal without the help of treasures. Also, certain alternative methods of healing like healing magic are less effective on Elly, though they still have some impact.

A desperation move Elly can do using her blood involves jabbing one of her blood crystals into an enemy. The blood crystal can spread into her foe if it stabs them in a vulnerable area, and in extreme cases, they can be completely turned into a statue made of blood gems.


Elly generally doesn't call out attacks in battle, and many of her techniques are simply Kendo maneuvers and advances, even when using her infusion ability. Elly has learned named skills from others, however, and these will be listed in this section.


Unnamed Form (Savage Elly)

An aspect of her dragon curse is being unable to handle certain kinds of energy, like chaos energy. Any exposure to them, be it from a chaos emerald or another foreign source, can make her shift into this unnamed form. Savage Elly (placeholder name for now) could be considered a "rage" form of sorts. She has no control over herself in this form. A curious change is that her blood gemstones start to jut out of her body in certain places. She doesn't fight using her weapon in this state, instead wildly attacking with her claws like a starving predator. This form is triggered in four different ways.

  • Any exposure to energies like chaos energy will trigger it. She stays away from these things more often than not, making this a less common trigger for the form.
  • Going too long without collecting any treasure will make her go into the form on occasion. This is the most common reason for the form popping up. This is the "hunger" reaction.
  • The form is triggered when she's near death, or from extreme emotions. She usually restrains herself, both emotionally and physically, as to not accidentally enter the form.
  • When someone steals from her treasure stockpile, she turns savage and attacks the thief. This instance is surprisingly more controlled, as the savage form will only focus on the thief. This is the second most common trigger for this form.


Notice: Those of you that would use this section to metagame should know that metagaming is greatly frowned upon in the Sonic Fanon Wiki community (and in the roleplaying community at large). Do not do it. Also, the following has been hidden in a collapsible in order to prevent accidental viewing (for those that would prefer discovering this character's weaknesses naturally).

First and foremost, Elly has a major weakness in her inability to stomach too many hits. While her training has made her eliminate wasteful movements, her infusions eat at her stamina, as do many of her bodily processes. Blunt hits in particular knock the wind out of her, and it usually doesn't take too many successful ones to defeat her.

While her regemeration trait protects her from desanguination, it reduces her natural ability to heal. Without treasure, Elly has a harder time recuperating from injuries, and healing abilities used on her have significantly reduced effects. Also, the nature of her blood makes hemorrhages extremely painful to her, more than enough to mess with her focus.

Her elemental infusions only account for around 20% of her attack power, and as such do not necessarily create game-changing advantages, only slightly tipping the balance between a neutral hit and hitting a weakness. Her blue fire infusion is somewhat of an exception to this, but even then the infusion still only accounts for 30% of her attack power. Her infusions are jack of all trades, master of only one (blue fire).

Elly is also easily misled by foreign concepts. She can be taken advantage of without too much trouble, since she doesn't know much about the world's ways, what's right and wrong, etc. Elly doesn't get tricked as much in a battle, but it can still happen, particularly when she faces styles, practices, and weaponry that she isn't familiar with.

Finally, she tends to give up quickly for several reasons. Her lack of confidence can break her heart and cause her to give up on something early (though she perseveres when it really counts). She's also painfully aware of her curse, and fears that becoming weak will make it take over her body. As such, she can give up in a battle as a precaution.

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