The Interview

# 1. How does it feel to see your main character become Featured?

A) To be honest, it was less of a surprise than getting selected as featured user earlier this year, but it still flatters me to no end! Elly has come quite far, but there's still so much more to do as well, and I'm excited to improve her even further. But overall, it is very, very flattering.

# 2. How do you think Elly herself feels about this, eh?

A) Hmm, in character, she probably wouldn't understand exactly why she'd be getting interviewed for something like this, but she'd go through with it politely, regardless. She'd certainly be as happy as ever, and later on, if she learns what it actually means, she'd be pleasantly surprised. Perhaps a little embarrassed or flattered (like her owner) as well!

# 3. Since her curse makes her have to stockpile a lot of treasure, is it possible that she is a connoisseur of treasure?

A) I can confirm this! She can feel out treasures based on their value, and she's able to discern certain "tastes" with different kinds. To her, each treasure feels like a different kind of rush. And she does actually have specific tastes and favorites for it, though they are to be revealed at a later time~

# 4. As she is still relatively young (at least in dragon years), will her appearance change into something much more dragon-like, or will she keep her overall look as she ages?

A) She's not gonna turn into a full-sized, big ol' dragon if that's what you mean. It'll take a while, but as she ages she'll simply look like an older version of herself; her scales would start to dull with time, and then... Well, what specifically happens I have to keep a secret for the time being. She looks a bit more draconic when her curse starts to bite at her, but her general shape and frame does not change that much. To expand on this: Elly is old enough to be considered a young adult for her species, and this is just what this species of dragon looks like.

# 5. If Asmer wasn't present in her life, how do you suppose Elly's life would play out?

A) It's hard to say. Without Asmer, Elly wouldn't have gotten a basic education or any personable traits at all. She was a wild animal, and she likely would have remained such without her master. Of course, if someone else found her, pacified her, and took her in, then it's possible that she'd simply be living a happy life with a family. But more likely, she'd continue living as fauna.

# 6. As you say Elly is sheltered, would she feel incredibly out of place in a "normal society" situation, with modern customs?

A) Definitely! This has already played out some in roleplays that aren't on the site proper, but she doesn't know much about certain technologies, customs, or even modern foods. In such situations, she tends to stumble her way through things, and of course it's often up to a kind soul to point her in the right directions (or for a less kind soul to misdirect her).

# 7. Finally, does Elly have a favorite holiday or season?

A) Elly's favorite season is generally summertime. Back in Sakoku, summer is actually the only time she truly has off. She spends some of that time at the port's festival as well, which is usually a highlight in her year. Even outside of Sakoku though she really loves summer, where she can soak in those rays and have lots of fun! She's kind of new to actual other holidays, though, so this is subject to change~

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