Ellie Bee is a character from IncaIceBunny's Fanfictions. She is the daughter of Elizabeth Bee, the younger sister of Charmy Bee, and the niece/goddaughter of Jerome Bee.


Early Childhood

Princess Elise Bee of the Golden Hive Colony (known by most as "Ellie", was the younger child of Queen Elizabeth Bee, and the King of the Golden Hive Colony, born two years after her brother, Prince Edmund, was born. Elizabeth and her husband requested that Jerome, Elizabeth's younger brother, would be their godfather, in case something were to happen to them, and he agreed.

A few months after Elise was born, there was an attack on the Golden Hive Colony, forcing them to surrender, and the kingdom was destroyed. However, one of the servants was able to get the two children away, and bring them to Jerome, who has been raising them ever since.

IncaIceBunny's Fanfictions

Sonic Fanfiction

Appearances in Chapters 1-5

Ellie does not formally appear in the second part of Chapter 1, but she is briefly mentioned by her older brother, Charmy, though not by name, in his flashback when Dylan pulls a safe out from underneath the floorboards in his office. Charmy pretends not to know what it is, though he mentions someone like his sister would not recognize it, since it has become dull and partially rusted.

Ellie is mentioned again in the first part of Chapter 3 when Jerome was angry to find out that the Chaotix did not know where Charmy was at the moment. Vector asks since Jerome leaves Ellie alone, and she is younger than Charmy, he does not understand why it is a big deal. However, Jerome tells him that she is not left on her own, and is in an after-school care program, since the teachers know "his situation".

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Ellie has not made any formal appearances in IncaIceBunny's Fanfictions yet, it is still difficult to determine her personality. However, Charmy describes her as "ignorant" in his flashback. This could mean she is naive, likely due to her young age. 


Ellie stands at about 1'8" (50.8 cm), and weighs 18 pounds (8kg). She has yellow-and-black fur (although seldom seen), peach skin, orange-amber eyes, and long black hair, kept back from her face with a golden hair clip.

She wears a short-sleeved golden dress with golden sneakers, and white gloves and socks.



Current Relatives

Future Relatives

  • Mystery Bee (Niece)
  • Constance "Sparkie" the Rabbit (Sister-in-law)






  • She was originally suppossed to be Charmy's twin sister, but this was scrapped since there were too many characters that were born in multiple births.
  • She is inspired by Princess Bee, Charmy's younger sister from the Archie Comics.
  • Apart from having a different eye color, she resembles her mother in appearance.
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