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Female Template

Elizabeth the Human hybrid

Biographical Information
RelativesDarkness, Jyscal,Tim
Romantic Interestsnone yet
Physical Description
SpeciesHuman Hybrid
AttireSee picture
Political Alignment and Abilities
WeaponryLight sabre
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.none
Japanese V.A.none
Theme Song(s)none yet
Original CreatorEAJ


Youtube backstory

What began as an early life for her soon turned chaotic because being the youngest and being separated since birth from Kenshine she inherited all of her powers like her brothers but she stays secretly in wait for a screw up of theirs to fix and she worries about them nonstop.

SFW Backstory

Being in care of Tim after landing and being unable to respond to her brother's calls after hearing them so she stayed with the nice man who is now her Adoptive Father because after one night her body transformed itself into her wolf pup and the first words she said in human language to this man was "Papa" and in there it sealed the deal for them because they shared a lot of similar quailities


Light and dark Magic

Shadow summoner

Portal conjuration, sight changment.


This is her Human appearance I have yet to make her other forms, so bear with me. sorta this is the form taken from Sonic and The Black Knight. And this new picture is what she looks like here at SFW!
Elizabeth the human Hybrid

And the newest form I made for her is here!

Elizabeth the lion.

Elizabeth as a lion

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