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Cquote1.png I don't think you're irredeemable. You're just a lost soul, and you are going to be saved. Cquote2.png
A younger Elizabeth to Nikolas, then known as the Umbra Torrent

Elizabeth the Hedgehog is the mother of Melissa the Hedgehog and the devoted wife to Nikolas the Hedgehog. Despite being a simple person now, she used to have an adventure of a lifetime, and she used to be part of the organization Salvage, a team focused on defeating criminals in the town of Clade.



Elizabeth is a female hedgehog that stands at 4'2", and that's fairly tall for a hedgehog. Her fur color is primarily brown, but due to her aging her fur is starting to grey. Her eye color is brown just like her daughter's. The insides of her ears and her muzzle are peach. Much like Melissa, Elizabeth has a tuft of hair on her head, but it's rather curly than spikey. Her hair is down a bit past her shoulders but is rather very curly.

While Melissa looks like both her parents, she gets most of her looks from Elizabeth.

In her younger years, her fur was about the same color as Melissa's and her hair was longer and always up in a pony tail.


Her attire is rather simple, as she insists her life isn't full of excitement. She wears a long sea green dress that hides her legs and she also wears a black petticoat that covers her upper arms. For shoe wear, she posses light green flats but those cannot be seen. She also wears white gloves on her hands.

In her younger years (late teenage years, early adult years) she used to wear a red baseball t shirt with black sleeves. Her shirt had an upside down black heart on the middle of it. She used to wear camouflage cargo pants, held by a belt with spikes on them. She also used to wear combat boots.

Personality and Traits

Elizabeth is a very nurturing and caring person. Her best traits are her patience and her acceptance. She was always a joyous person ever since she was a little girl, a ray of sunshine almost. She often took challenges head on with simplicity and grace, compared to Melissa's rather rocky approach to challenges. She was rather passive and never seemed to be full of herself.

Like Melissa, Elizabeth is very intelligent, as she earned high test scores in her school to even get accepted into Salvage. Not only was she academically brilliant but she was emotionally brilliant, as she understands complex emotions and how those emotions can dictate people and their decisions. If it hadn't been for this trait, Nikolas the Hedgehog would not have been a reformed man, and Melissa would never come to exist.

She loves her daughter and her husband very much so, and is very devoted to Nikolas. She often pampered Melissa as a child since Melissa was her only one, and it is unspoken rule to always pamper the first born/the only child excessively. However, since Elizabeth was always nurturing and understanding to Melissa, Melissa was never afraid to ask her mother anything, showing how approachable Elizabeth can be.

However, Elizabeth can get quick to irritated if provoked enough. 


Early Years

Elizabeth grew up in a rather prestigious family life. Like Melissa, Elizabeth was an only child to two decently well off hedgehogs in the town of Clade. While her parents weren't necessarily really terrible, they were rather very pushy of Elizabeth to excell in life and find a nice husband. There was often tension between Elizabeth and her own mother due to them not seeing eye to eye on a lot of things, and there was tension with her father as he was often gone away at work.

Elizabeth's mother was probably the most pushy out of the two, but it was also her that gave Elizabeth her scythe, the maternal family heirloom and trained her how to use it.

Despite the tension, Elizabeth still had an alright childhood growing up. She never really had to worry about anything bad happening to her, and she always strived to do excellent in her school. She had met her best friend, Roxie, who went by Sugar, in her elementary years and they had been best friends ever since. Elizabeth was also very sociable and had made a lot of friends during her school years.

Salvage Days

Elizabeth during her Salvage days

Salvage is an organization that formed in Clade that deals with bringing justice to criminals and keeping the city relatively peaceful.

Elizabeth was a wonderful go-getter who had done very well in school to get accepted into Salvage due her high and outstanding test scores. She was one of the two from her school to get accepted, the other being her best friend Sugar.

Elizabeth was one of the top performing members of the whole team. She was highly respected by her peers and everyone in the organization loved to be around her. She was taught a lot of skills during her time there, such as decent maintenance skills.

Clade was often targeted by numerous criminals, but Elizabeth and her team mates always managed to put an end to their schemes. Unfortunately, there was one criminal they could not top and it was no other than the Umbra Torrent.

The Umbra Torrent often attacked in Clade, but Salvage was unsuccessful in stopping him. Elizabeth often sparred with him the most, but due to her fighting with him the most, he often went after her. In fact, the more he attacked Clade, the more stronger he had gotten and thus became more difficult to defeat.

Elizabeth was very determined to defeat him. She had strong faith in her scythe. Her scythe was said from her family to be known to destroy evil spirits, and she had a feeling that the Umbra Torrent was just a lost soul corrupted by evil. She was determined to defeat him and restore him. 

Everyone thought she was absolutely crazy and thought the plan was absolutely asinine and would never work.

The Ultimate Reform

Many countless fights kept occurring between Salvage and the Umbra Torrent, so it would make sense that most of the civilians had given up hope on salvation. But Elizabeth was still holding hope.

Marriage and Later Years

Powers and Abilities

Elizabeth doesn't possess any special ability or power, as she is a relatively normal hedgehog. However, metaphorically she had such a strong maternal power that precedents much more so than her skills could ever offer.


Excellent use of a Scythe

Between Elizabeth and Melissa, Elizabeth knows how to utilize the scythe more proficiently. During her years in Salvage, Elizabeth's weapon was her scythe, handed down to her from her mother, making this scythe an heirloom. Elizabeth was a lot more agile with the scythe and could strike her opponent with surprise almost.

Her scythe is currently in the possession of her daughter.  


She has a rather soft voice, which worked well with her singing. She often sang lullabies and nursery songs to make sure Melissa fell asleep at night.

Mechanical skills

During her Salvage days, Elizabeth picked up on many traits and skills, with mechanical skills being one of them. She often worked with machines when not on active duty taking out criminals, and she often spent a lot of time working on them to develop a strong ability at it. She can repair simple maintenance problems with machines. Not only can she do that, but working on machines led her to learn more about team work, working under pressure, and versatility as well.


Like most parents, Elizabeth's main weakness is seeing her family upset or have harm brought on upon, even though this weakness is an emotional one and not a physical one. Since she does not possess any abilities, it pretty much renders her vulnerable to any offensive attack. 



Elizabeth used to possess a scythe, who is now in the hands of her daughter. It is essentially an heirloom, as it has been passed down from generation to generation on Melissa's maternal side of the family. While it may not be hers currently, there is sometimes a rare instance where Elizabeth might need it from her daughter. Despite this, Elizabeth is still very proficient at using it.


  • Stats are based from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Attack: 5 - Elizabeth was never much of a physical fighter. If anything her punches and offensive attacks feel like a sting; mildly irritating. She often relied on her scythe.

Defense: 8 - However, Elizabeth was very alert of her surroundings and was difficult to take down so easily.

Speed: 6 - She was never really fast at anything and seemed to take her time.

Magic: 0

Evasion: 6 - Her low speed does help with the fact that her evasion of attacks is low. Although when she was younger, the number was higher but not significantly. 

Intelligence: 10 - Elizabeth is both academically intelligent and also emotionally intelligent, having been studying for a long time and very diligently.

Skills: 9 - For someone as old as her, she is pretty efficient at what she does for a living.

Accuracy: 8 - Elizabeth is pretty keen on things, but of course one could always slip.

Stamina: 5 - Even though now is understandable, in her younger years she was never that tough. Sure she was hard to take down but even one punch or two could knock her on her feet.

Tolerance: 10 - Her defense and her stamina is not the best, but in the long run she is actually a lot stronger than what one might think. She did give birth to a child, for one thing.

Overall: 68%




  • Salvage​​​​​​ (despite leaving, she still considers them an ally)
  • Sugar the Cat (best friend)


  • Nikolas the Hedgehog (formerly, in the past)


  • Elizabeth is one of the few Sonic characters that are parents that Jake has ever made to have put thought into. Other parents would be dead or not heard of, or Jake never bothered to even make them.
  • Melissa's middle name comes from Elizabeth herself.


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