Elixirs are helpful potions, often crafted by herbalists and mages with healing magic training. However, these potions are not used to restore physical vitality, however, but instead exist to restore the recipient's connection to the Chaos Force, and allow them the ability to use their Chaos and elemental powers again.


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TypeHealing items - Potion
Elemental AffinityNone
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Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212, w/ sources from all over the gaming world


Elixirs can appear in almost any sealed container, depending on the maker, and could be any number of colours, depending on the specific ingredients. As such, there are a wide variety of permutations. For examples, some herbalists prefer to use a mixture of berries, plus animal and plant matter to create incredibly bitter or sour potions, while others prefer a different combination to create sweeter mixtures. Indeed, the pharmaceutical variations of these are commonly found in the hands of army medics, especially those in the G.U.N. Fifth Army Division and the other power-based permutations. These use an array of synthetic chemicals to achieve the same effects as the herbalist versions, but seem a bright pink-red colour, and are used as a spray held a short distance away from the patient's skin, roughly ten centimetres as a general rule.

Native Abilities

These potions have a massive array of variance, depending on which recipe they use. For example, potions based around the use of Leppa berries are usually of moderate strength, comparable to the pharmaceutical mixtures, although it comes across with a bland flavour, a result that often puts the patient off consuming it. However, in combination with other materials, the potion can be boosted, while in other cases, it can be decreased in effect.

However, no matter the mixture, all potions carry the same effects over - they give the consumer a boost in potential power, allowing them to continue fighting after expending their natural energy reserves.

As a downside, some of the more powerful variations of these Elixirs are quite potent and can be addictive, with the consumer forming a dependence on these potions.

Notable Variations

  • Final Island Freezer - named after the location where these Elixir are found, the mix is a hybrid of Leppa Berry and apple juice, carbonated to add in a fizz. As such, it is somewhat sweeter than straight Leppa juice, although it also has a slight acidic effect.

Brewers/Purchase Locations

Almost all herbalists and quite a few herbal remedies and naturapathic medicine stores will brew their own Elixirs, often of varying strength. In addition, most pharmacies have examples of the pharmaceutical variety in stock for sale to the general public. However, on the western sector of Final Island, there is a small esky with a sign marked "For the use of all", which always has a single, home-made Leppa berry Elixir with, a familiar red potion, contained within a glass bottle, shaped like that of a soft-drink. This variation is actually carbonated as well, making it taste more like a tonic, but it retains the same potency as straight Leppa juice, the baseline for all Elixirs to be compared with.


  • The effect of the Elixir, as well as one of the most famed components (the Leppa Berry), is a hybrid of ideas from both Final Fantasy and Pokémon. However, other variations with different fruits/components may be created by anyone, and listed under Notable Variations.
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