The Elite Hunters are a group of villainous bounty hunters who are sought to capture or kill selected targets with high rewards, first appearing in the Exiled roleplay. Unlike most other groups, however, they hunt any targets they find available, ally or enemy alike, especially of high value. Just like the former Fascist groups, they consist of humans, but have been genetically modified to rival even the most skilled Mobians (and Moebians). They are lead by a large, unknown figure going by the name as Sürgow, a ruthless and cold-blooded leader whom thrives nothing more than having his soldiers collect the bounty, no matter the cost.


Not much is known about the Elite Hunters, but they were originally known as the Fascist groups in Moebius before they were disbanded for unknown reasons. In later years, however, they formed a new, organized, and hidden group known as the Elite Hunters. There, they are lead by the leader Sürgow, who had followed The Fascists' footsteps before its dissolution. Their facility lies deep within the Moebius soil, almost undetectable aside from the inside of an abandoned sewage factory underground which would act as a façade in order to stay undetected from unwary trespassers.

So far, their first target was Johnny D. the Fox, who had a high reward as armed men are sent to find and capture the fox at any cost.

The Soldiers


Sürgow is the leader of the Elite Hunters, who is also well known for his ruthlessness, if the target was captured alive. He is large, muscular, and completely armored, including tubes that connect through his body, which also serves to replenish his strength and increase his kinetic ability of any kind. Despite this, he primarily uses Cryokinesis against his captives, should they show resistance. He speaks in a deep, raspy voice.


Serving as a second-in-command, and formidable tactician, Ardên is an armed soldier who also makes up for capturing targets with little detection. Although an excellent combatant, he solely relies on speed and stealth, including on analyzing on the target's last location. Like Sürgow, he shows ill-will against his captives, and almost never takes his eyes off of them. His voice has a semi-robotic voice to it, which was the result of the genetic modification.







Many different soldiers were genetically modified to harness different types of kinetic abilities, including different tubes attached around their bodies to replenish their strengths for a brief time. Some rely on brute strength, and some rely on high levels of kinesis, while few rely on stealth.


Although they are considered to be powerful and deadly, their traits are offset by its cons, such as overdosing the fluids that can lead to violent muscle spasms and brain damage, rendering them immobile and become vulnerable to incoming attacks. Furthermore, they would inadvertently attack each other for a short while if the overdose is prolonged, thus hindering their primary objective.


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  • While they are considered as villain groups, they also target other villains, not just heroes.
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