Elise the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
Age 14
Alias E-900 Sampi
Romantic Interests Statyx the Hedgehog
Physical Description
Species Hedgehog
Gender Female
Political Alignment and Abilities
Super Forms None
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Kagimizu

Elise the Hedgehog is an artificially created hedgehog and identical twin sister of Shelly the Hedgehog.


Early life

After Shelly turned out to be a failure, Eggman decided to take a second shot at it. However, inspired by observing Statyx the Hedgehog, Eggman decided to use the ashes from the Flame of Hope to strengthen his creation. Using the last of the DNA he had from Sonic and Amy and the ashes from the Flame of Hope, he created "E-900 Sampi". Unfortunately for Eggman, he had an entirely different problem with this one. While it was easy to keep her under control, she was far too passive, completely unwilling to fight. Furious, Eggman gave her an ultimatum: either learn to fight, or he would abandon her. Elise could not stand the idea of fighting, so she refused. Sadly, Eggman carried out his threat, and abandoned her in the middle of nowhere, leaving her to die.

Salvation and making friends

Elise struggled to survive after being abandoned, and was just about to give up when Sonic and Statyx, who were racing, came along and saw her. The two ran over to her, at first thinking it was Shelly, but soon realised it wasn't due to the great difference in personality. Curious, the two hedgehogs took Elise back to Tails' workshop to figure this mystery out.

Upon reaching the workshop, where Shelly just happened to be, everyone was shocked by how similar the two looked. Tails wanted to run some tests on the two, though Shelly at first refused. Statyx, knowing the reason, assured Shelly that her "secret" would be kept safe, and was able to convince Shelly to go along with the tests. These tests confirmed what Tails believed: the two were biological sisters.


Elise is the polar opposite of her sister in terms of personality. She is a quiet and peaceful person, wishing for nothing more than her friends to be happy and safe. She is neat and clean, often cleaning anything she sees that's dirty. She is incredibly loyal to her friends, the only thing that can cause her to fight being her friends in a life-or-death situation. Elise rarely speaks up, and is often to shy to speak her mind, especially around strong-willed people like Shelly, prompting her friends to speak up for her.

The qualities that make Elise such a good person are also her weaknesses. Elise is a devout pacifist, absolutely refusing to fight even the most evil person. She also can't speak up for herself, allowing people with stronger personalities to dominate her. She is very shy, and takes quite a while to warm up to people.


Despite being a pacifist, Elise is actually very powerful. Like many others, she can run at supersonic speed and use the usual attacks. Despite only showing a minority of them, Elise has also proven to be very adept in Chaos Powers, though she typically uses Chaos Heal, rather than offensive moves like Chaos Spear. Her most prominent ability is her power to manipulate time itself. While these powers do not allow time control, she is able to speed up and slow down time around her and others, allowing her to speed herself and others up, or slow opponents down. The greatest part of this ability is that, by localising this power to a wound, she is able to reverse time around the wound, healing it. However, the most grim part of her powers has yet to be seen. While not yet proven, it has been theorised by several that Elise could instead speed up time around a wound, speeding up the effects such as deterioration, infection, and possibly, death.


Statyx the Hedgehog

After Statyx and Sonic saved Elise from death, she felt a great deal of respect for them, and tried to repay them. Statyx however, wouldn't hear it and insisted that helping people doesn't require a reward. Because of this, Elise developed a crush on Statyx. Because of this, Elise is even more shy around Statyx than others, often blushing and stuttering around him. This has often caused her to feel upset, but Statyx himself helps her during this situation, saying that she just has to be herself.

Shelly the Hedgehog

Despite being twins, these two could not be more different in personality. While Shelly is often strong-willed, loud, messy, and independent, Elise is quiet, neat, submissive, and relies on others. These differences have often caused friction between the two, Shelly feeling that Elise needs to loosen up and rely on herself, while Elise feels that Shelly needs to learn to be a proper lady. Despite these differences, the two are still sisters, and will look out for each other whenever necessary, Shelly often taking on the protective big-sister role. A running gag is that because the two are twins, they often switch clothes to confuse their friends, and it usually works on everybody, except Fou for some strange reason.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Elise feels a rather strong dislike for Shadow. The reason for this is that she feels he is a dark person, who enjoys fighting rather than peace. Because of these great differences, Elise is actually very curt around Shadow, though she veils this slightly with some politeness. Despite Shadow being one of the stronger characters, he is one of the few that Elise will speak up against when necessary.

Jezz the Hedgehog

Elise gets along very well with Jezz, as the two are both pacifists. The two often cotemplate the fact that, despite their great power, the two of them refuse to use their powers to hurt people. Because of how well they get along, some people believe they may have feelings for each other, one of them possibly being Shelly, who often acts defensively and possessively when with the both of them.



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