Elisa Prower is a fox who is not really clear of her abilities yet.Being a self-proclaimed agent of a high-paying company called Jandro-corp (XD),she goes after a certain villain named Dark Jandroy,an evil scientist who clearly wants global domination in a large scale,classic "Dr.Evil" kind of way.


Elisa Prower,with her default clothes and weapons.

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Biographical Information
Age 16
Relatives Many Prowers (One of them being Miles "Tails" Prower)

"Eli" - Friends call her that mostly.

"Lisa" - Friends call her that mostly too!

Romantic Interests Mach Zeno (Since she was 14)
Physical Description
Species Fox
Gender Female
  • Goldish Tann base fur and white chest fur
  • Sapphire blue eyes
  • Has 4 Bangs like Tails and feminine hair at the back of her head.
  • Green bullet-proof vest
  • White sleeveless blouse
  • Light grey gloves
  • Brown utility belt
  • Black tights
  • White socks
  • Dark grey shoes
  • Gold locket
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations None.
Weaponry Dual 50.caliber pistols or dual P-90 Sub-machineguns
  • Fast reflexes
  • Luck
  • Yelling (XD and an acronym above.)

Likes and Dislikes

  • People with good values
  • Candy
  • Shooting robots that harm people
  • Veggies
  • Big guns
  • Shooting other mobians (Good or bad)
  • Roaches (Of course...XD)
  • Ghosts (Whatnot?! >:l)
  • Bitter things



  • Mach Zeno
  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Sonow Zetax
  • Xanatos
  • Miley Vixen
  • Seth the hedgehog
  • Nebule
  • Roxas
  • Roy
  • Speedy the hedgehog (Age 16)


  • Harin (Elisa can't kill him,but would want to catch him,which is difficult)


  • Dark Jandroy and robots
  • Kardinal
  • Ivy Germonica
  • Catalyn Sylvia
  • Eggman?

Quotes (VG styles)

Here are the many quotes you can expect from her.

RTS (Command and Conquer)

Move Command

  • Moving out!
  • Advancing!
  • On my way!
  • Time to move!

Attack Command

  • Take THIS!
  • Attacking!
  • You'll love seeing this...heheheh.
  • Let's see how that thing holds out against me...shall we?

Under Attack (80% Health)

  • Ouch! Be nice will yah?!
  • Hey that hurts!
  • Gah! Play fair!
  • Ow! I'm under attack!

Severely Damaged (40% Health)

  • I can't do this alone...
  • I'm badly hurt...I need help..
  • Can't take this...much...ugh-longer.
  • Send help! Quickly!

Defeated/Dead (0% Health)

  • GAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!...ick...urgh...
  • No!...I don't want to die-Agha!...
  • I failed...I can't...No more...
  • Nooooo....

Spoken to other characters

  • Mhm,cool story bro.(When not paying any attention to Mach)
  • Hey,wanna get some Ice Cream? (To most friends when she is bored)
  • ......you.... (Encounters Dark Jandroy)
  • What do you really want to do this time?...seems like the same over and over again. (After Dark Jandroy's plan gets explained)
  • Failed. (To Mach when she senses him behind her)
  • What's the plan? (To Seth most of the time)
  • Hey,you worry too much.Hahahaha! (To Seth when he messes up)
  • Sup Tails? (To her brother)
  • YOU'RE PART OF MY FAMILY!??!?!?! (To other Prowers she has not met)
  • Really...Mobius' population is like a rainbow when it comes to-Oh hey Pizza! (Randomly on the phone with Miley Vixen)
  • What now? Dork Jan roy? (Taunting Dark Jandroy)
  • I'm not a merc for hire...just a friend of someone doing a favour. (To robot general victims)
  • MIssed me! (Taunt after projectiles missed her)


  • Good choice,I won't fail you! (Picked as the player in Story mode)
  • Perfect! (S-ranking)
  • Yes! Yes! Yes! YES and YEEES!!! (SSS-Ranking (What the fudge <_>) )
  • Mission Objective completed! and I did it all by myself! *Happy face* (A-Ranking)
  • Hmm,room for improvement! (B-Ranking)
  • This isn't as good as I planned... (C-Ranking)
  • Not my day... (D-Ranking)
  • Great,I look like a total loser now...thanks. (E-Ranking)
  • But I'm not done yeeeeet!!! (Lost a life)
  • You sure about this Tails? (Challenged by Tails to a fight)
  • Roundhouse kick*HYAH!!! (Picked for a battle)
  • Don't feel so bad...you did your best! (Won a battle)
  • I'm impressed but not surprised! (Lost a battle)
  • How?!...how?! HOW!?!? (Perfected (100% health remaining) by someone in battle)
  • Looks like I can be your Cardio Kickboxing teacher! (Perfected someone in battle)


Elisa is very stubborn when it comes to completing an objective.She leaves the scene a lot just to have a snack from a random fruit tree or shop.Elisa likes to giggle over the smallest mishaps around her.She lives life her own way,from jumping down a cliff for fun to trying to fly with her one tail.She is persistant against Dark Jandroy.She has a mindset that she is a special agent hired to protect the world from this evil mastermind. She would sometimes be random despite being in front of an audience.When it comes to protecting a family member from harm,she vigorously fights even when chances of winning are very slim. She is somewhat of a perfectionist,practicing to do something better than others and get the perfect score ever. She gets traumatised after seeing roaches and ghosts due to their scary nature. She tends to lose items.

(First Article FTW!) -Jandroy


Comment Section

A place to share your views about my character...I know I'm kinda asking more of the community but I still like to listen to people's views,good or bad.

  • Elisa:Umm,I actually like being me!
  • Sonow: Wow, Elisa.....just, wow........
  • Harin: Heheh, looks like another sucker...
  • Sonow: You trying to date my friend?
  • Kixven: Good... good...
  • Harin: Not in a million years for a million dollars! But she could have a nice amount of loot...
  • Sonow: Who's the new guy?
  • Elisa:This is why I ordered sentry guns to be placed around my house...and also why I sleep with a gun under my pillow... >_< Stop robbing me and get a life! >_<
  • Kixven: I'm just here, for no reason. Just so you know, I'm not a Sonic fan-character/OC.
  • Harin: Heheheheh! I'm your worst nightmare.
  • Kixven: No, that would be your mother!
  • Sonow: Only I can steal from Elisa's house...
  • Harin: I hate to break it to ya pal, but I steal from whoever I want. And Einstein, my mother's dead.
  • Sonow: Well....that sucks......and, I highly doubt you could steal from me. XD
  • Harin: I can steal anything from anywhere. I could steal everything you own, and your clothes!
  • Elisa:*blushes* EEP!!!
  • Sonow: I'd rather you'd not. ESPECIALLY from a girl. T.T
  • Kixven: I was created on a computer. I doubt you can steal my clothes, which are attached to me.
  • Harin: Then stay out of my way. I do what I want.
  • Sonow: Listen, punk, you don't know who I am....but you will soon enough....Hehehe.
  • Harin: Should I feel intimidated?
  • Sonow: You should unless you wanna get blasted to pieces by my Photon Cannon.
  • Harin: Ooooooh. I'm sooooo scared. You're gonna bring a toy into combat.
  • Kixven: I can turn into almost anything.
  • Sonow: Well, you're a little rat that can be dead by poison.
  • Harin: Heh. Everyone always says that.
  • Sonow: Yeah. And they are all right.
  • Xanatos: If you know what's comin' to ya, better run. Aside the corny line the director(s) gave me.
  • Harin: I'd knock you out like a light before you'd lay a finger on me. Besides, I have better things to do than argue with a bunch of hedgehogs.
  • Xanatos: I'd like to see you try to toy with me and my Dual Magnum's, buddy.... It ain't right towaste bullets on a thief like ya. Wanna meet sharpy?
  • Kixven: Um, I'm not a hedgehog.
  • Xanatos: And who might you be....?
  • Harin: I'd love to waste time beating you losers senseless, but thieves have things to do, unlike you guys. So, see ya! *leaps onto a roof and runs off, jumping onto roofs as leaving*
  • Kixven: I'm someone created by a scientist, who used a computer to do so.
  • Elisa:Alright,break it up! let's just get back to our lives...If I see him stealing my things,he's gonna pay dearly.
  • The Infiltrator: GET BACK HERE! *chases Harin with a Barrett .95*
  • Harin: Heheheheh! *hopping off of rooftops*
  • Speedy:*Walks in*Well,that was weird.
  • Elisa:Yeah...
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