Elias Acorn is a mobian squirrel, the son of Nigel and Eleyna Acorn and the older brother of Sally Acorn.


Elias is a mobian squirrel with brown fur, light brown fur on his face patch, inside his ears and his stomach, dark arburn hair that is smoothed and held back by orange-red goggles with a light gray rim and strap as well has dark aubrun eye brows. Like his father and sister, he has blue eyes that are much lighter.

He wears a sleeveless blue jacket with a white trim, a black belt with a gray trim held by a small gray buckle, blue boots with a white and black trim and white and black buckles.


Early Life

Elias was born 5 years before Sally Acorn to Nigel and Eleyna Acorn. Shortly after Dr. Eggman and Julian Snively were welcomed into the kingdom, Elias and Eleyna mysteriously vanished. They were last seen being escorted by Ian St. John before their aircraft was blasted over the ocean. While Nigel assumed his wife and son died, Elias was discovered on Albilon, one of the Lost Islands, by the Brotherhood of Guardians and was raised by them. As he grew up, he developed a love for adventure.

Knuckles the Echidna

Elias first appears in Knuckles the Echidna after helping Knuckles, Marsha and Julie-Su defeat Kage von Stryker, Marsha comments that he looks a lot like King Acorn. Elias becomes shocked at Marsha's comment before Marsha briefly sums up what has happened to the Kingdom of Acorn. After Knuckles, Marsha and Julie-Su return from the Dark Clan base, Elias decides to accompany them in returning to Mobotropolis is meet his sister and father.


Possessed of a strong moral sense near equal to his sister Sally's, Elias also has the misfortune of being born with his father's temper. This often gets him into trouble as he makes rash decisions without thinking, but he usually manages to straighten things out. He has the same love for his people that his father and sister possess, and is willing to do whatever is necessary to protect them. Unfortunately, he can be overly critical, and had difficulty adjusting to being a leader.


Elias is a skilled combatant with martial skills that, while not equaling the power of the Freedom Fighters, still allow him to hold his own in a fight. His weapons of choice are a pair of exotic energy daggers with different grips, something similar to Sally's ring blades, than would ordinarily be expected and points running parallel to the handles, which are effective even against the longer blade of a sword.

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