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Elias Acorn/

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=General Information=

Elias Acorn in "Sonic Channel" style. (C) e-122-psi on DeviantART

His Majesty, King Elias Acorn of Mobius (エリアス・エイコーンEriasu Eikohn) (formerly Prince Elias Acorn) is a fictional character in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series published by Archie Comics. Elias is the son of Maximillian Acorn andAlicia Acorn, husband of Megan Acorn, father of Alexis and is the brother of Sally Acorn. Elias is a male, anthropomorphic, humanoid squirrel. He has brown fur and dark red hair, with a long bushy tail and blue eyes. He is 18 years old, stands 130 cm (4 ft 3in) tall and weighs 40 kg (88 lbs).

Elias' outfit always includes a blue shirt, with a variety of capes in different colors. His footwear consists of a pair of metallic boots, and unlike most other male characters he does not wear gloves of any kind. Elias is also often shown wearing some kind of gold on his wardrobe. His weapon of choice is a pair of katan-like blades, with the points running parallel to the grip rather than perpendicular.



Elias' existence was unknown for much of the early series, until the Mobian Secret Service led by Commander Geoffrey St. John were dispatched to the far-off Floating Island. Long before Robotnik's coup, during the Great Warwith the Overlanders and the young Freedom Fighters were children in the safety of Knothole Village, Queen Alicia Acorn, her young son Elias and a troop of soldiers from the Royal Guard led by Sir Ian St. John (Geoffery St. John's father) were sent to the last safe haven on Mobius: the Floating Island.

However, an Overlander patrol attacked their transport en route, and King Acorn feared his wife and son were dead. He never told Sally so that "he would spare her", and possibly himself, the grief of losing someone she had never known. What he did not learn until much later was that the convoy did manage to barely arrive on the Island, losing much of its crew. Reacting to the disturbance, the Brotherhood of Guardians arrived at the crash site, discovering the comatose Queen Alicia, the deceased Sir Ian, the largely unharmed Prince Elias, and a surviving Colonel who had served as St. John's second in command.

Depositing the Colonel at the Mobian Embassy compound, the Guardians took the Prince in and raised him for the first decade of his life. When he turned ten, he was sent to live at the compound with the Colonel and his wife. Queen Alicia meanwhile, was kept safe in a cryogenic stasis tube in Haven, the Guardians base of operations until a such that she could be rejuvenated.

Teenage Years and Adulthood

Ten years later, King Acorn heard word that Alicia and Elias may still be alive. Sending the Secret Service to the Floating Island, they met with the Brotherhood and Knuckles the Echidna, who took them to meet Prince Elias and the comatose Queen. Returning to the Kingdom, Elias discovered that as the firstborn male, he had also inherited the right to the throne. However, unsure of his new role in the world, he finds that becoming King holds no allure for him, preferring to make up for lost time with his family instead. When King Acorn was injured during an assault on Robotropolis, Elias was forced to take the throne as acting ruler (as Queen Alicia was still in a coma at the time, as well), and appointed Geoffrey St. John as his adviser. Due to St. John's actions (most likely to upstage Sonic and the at-the-time-former Freedom Fighters, who were forced to live normal lives instead of fighting Robotnik), everything began to fall apart, leading to the Secret Service being temporarily out of service and Heavy and Bomb destroyed. Pressure from his position prompted Elias to run away. During his period of self-imposed exile, he lived a simple life as a woodsman in Feral Forest and married Megan Acorn - the two had a daughter named Alexis. Elias' time of separation from his heritage would come to an end when he was once more found by the Secret Service and the forces of Dr. Eggman. Due to his marrying a commoner, any children he has with Meg are not allowed to take the throne.


Elias sitting.

Taking the Throne

Elias was convinced by his wife to return to Knothole, having heard of his sister's forced marriage to the disguisedAnti-Antoine/Patch. Upon Elias's claiming the throne, Patch makes an assassination attempt, only to foiled by Sonic. Elias' first act as king is to annul Sally's marriage to the impostor, leaving her free to pursue her own romantic desires without the burden of being heir to the throne. While Elias has currently taken Sally's place, he has expressed that he enjoyed his life as a commoner, and didn't want his children to be involved in a world of politics, leaving Sally next in line for the throne as she was before their father's poisoning. Taking his father's place, he often provides information to the Freedom Fighters-specifically Sonic, who is unaware of a number of events that took place during his year-long absence-such as the reasons behind the construction of the Metal Sonic Troopers. Elias also became a combat ally of the Freedom Fighters, if not an actual member, joining them in battle against such enemies as Mammoth Mogul, Ixis Naugus, and the Destructix.

Presiding over the wedding of Antoine D'Coolette and Bunnie Rabbot, Elias conducted the ceremony and pronouncing the two as husband and wife. Shortly afterward, he and the rest of the royal family were taken prisoner when Eggman launched a full-out assault that destroyed Knothole, though was quickly freed by a rescue mission launched by Sonic, Amy Rose, Tails, Knuckles, and NICOLE. Elias' reign in the city of New Mobotropolis began badly, with the people divided between supporting him and the most unexpected opposition he could have imagined: Amadeus Prower, Tails' father. After Amadeus led a protest against Elias' rule, demanding that he step down, Elias had him imprisoned. Confronting him later, the young king faced the rebellious general's accusations about his ruling abilities, stirring up his own old self doubts. When Amadeus later broke out of prison to confront him, however, Elias was apparently bolstered by his father's stubborn attitudes and willingly engaged the general in a duel. Fortunately for both sides, Sally intervened and reminded Elias of her own experience in ruling, and with her help the two settled their differences and worked out a compromise. In the resulting new system, Elias became head of a seven member council-the other six chosen by election-that would deliberate all future politics of the Kingdom together as equals. While Elias was relieved by the peaceful settlement, he was disappointed to learn that his father didn't approve in the slightest.

The rebirth of Enerjak, Knuckles' arch-nemesis, and his assault on New Mobotropolis soon made Max's complaints the least of Elias' worries.


Having not been raised in preparation for ruling a kingdom, Elias was initially nervous and uncertain of himself. It was only with the help of his family and friends that he was able to gain a sense of self-assurance, which transformed him into a confident ruler.

Possessed of a strong moral sense near equal to his sister Sally's, Elias also has the misfortune of being born with his father's temper. This often gets him into trouble as he makes rash decisions without thinking, but he usually manages to straighten things out. Elias is also rather determined to please his father, and thus seeks any help he can get in trying to prove himself a worthy king to Max despite being told that he must rule as his own heart dictates. Doubting his ability to rule the way his people need him to, Elias is nevertheless stalwart in carrying out his duties.

Abilities ==

Elias is a skilled combatant with martial skills that, while not equaling the power of the Freedom Fighters or Chaotix, still allow him to hold his own in a fight. His weapons of choice are a pair of exotic daggers with different grips than would ordinarily be expected and points running parallel to the handles, which are effective even against the longer blade of a sword.

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