Cquote1 I want an awesome warrior for my mentor. What about Austin? He trained you, and you're a jackal like me, Alex! Cquote2
Eli asserting who he wants as his mentor, After the Blackout

Eli the Jackal is a young male black-backed jackal cub who debuts in After the Blackout. He is a mischievous, rebellious lad, but dreams of becoming a warrior. Like most kids his age, Eli is constantly getting into trouble, and dislikes being told what to do. He is currently in Turner the Jackal's care while Clover the Jackal trains a a warrior.


Eli is a young male black-backed jackal cub a bit bigger than Hope the Rockruff. Like others of his kind(excluding Infinite and the Jackal Squad), he has tan fur, black fur on his neck and back, a black-tipped tail and ears, and amber eyes. As of Darkness of War, Eli has several long scars crisscrossing on his back from when Sonic.EXE ambushed his patrol.


Being a young cub, Eli is constantly getting into trouble, often(literally) poking his nose where it doesn't belong. He appears to be a manifestation of the jackal's sterotype of being sneaky, but this is just out of his curious and mischievous nature. He doesn't believe Infinite will return, viewing the tales of the villainous jackal's atrocities as little more than a ghost story.


Before the Series: At an unknown point after he was born, when he was very young, Eli lost his family to the Jackal Squad in a vicious attack on the PackClover, who also lost her family, became his caretaker, eventually taking him with her to the Storm Fighters when the Pack was given a safe home on the Storm Moor. In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

The Phantom Storm:

After the Blackout: Eli is very minor, and mentioned to be a new recruit. At the end, he is made an apprentice, and assigned to Austin. Darkness of War: Eli is apart of a patrol with Austin, Cody the Wolfdog, and Ash the Wolf when they are ambushed by Sonic.EXE. The demon slashes Ash, then goes for Eli, ripping his back open, though the cub survives.


So far, Eli's mischievous nature and dislike of being confined to the Storming Base often leads him to sneak off and find himself in trouble.


Clover the Jackal

Despite her constant attempts to keep him from his fun(in his eyes), Eli still loves Clover because she took care of him after he lost his family in a vicious attack.

Alex the Jackal

Eli looks up to Alex because he's the first ever jackal to become a Storming Alliance warrior. He wants to become just like the Downunda native, and be an awesome jackal warrior.

Turner the Jackal

Eli is always looked after by Turner when Clover is out training or patrolling. He at first tried to take advantage of the former loner's blindness to sneak off, but Turner wouldn't let him escape.


Eli never had the misfortune of meeting Infinite after the villain adopted his new identity, but met him when he was the unnamed leader of the Jackal Squad when he was very young. Eli often dismisses Infinite as no more than a ghost story despite the obvious signs of the villain's crimes.


Eli is quite possibly the most troublesome youngster the Alliance has ever had to deal with.

Eli is the second character to have the name he does; the first is Eli Junior, "E.J." the Hedgehog, who prefers the nickname E.J.

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