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"That's enough, both of you! We just got attacked, and the last thing the Alliance needs right now is the two of you going for each other's throats! I don't expect you to apologize, but I do expect you both to shape up and start acting like real warriors! We need to work together on this, and if I catch either of you arguing again, so help me I will put you both back on apprentice duties!"
—E.J. losing his temper after Fang the Saber and Boulder the Lycanroc argue over Dakota's abduction, Haunting Evil

Eli Junior the Hedgehog, who goes by the nickname "E.J." is a somewhat major character who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave, as the second-in-command(basically the deputy) of The Storm Fighters under Fox the Brave's leadership, as well as Braveheart's leadership in both Shadowed Future and its sequel, and the Secrets of the Dark World Trilogy. He is Fox the Brave's first, oldest, and closest friend, with Splash being a close second. Alongside the Greninja, E.J. serves to curb Fox's unpredictable temper, and sorts out patrols with the other Teams' deputies. He is also the son and currently only known relative of Sonic the Hedgehog(until Shadowed Future: 5 Years Later, which takes place in the 30 Years Later Archie Comics, giving E.J. half-siblings in the form of the royal twins). To date, E.J.'s mother's identity has never been revealed; and which form of Sonic(Archie or Boom) being his father hasn't been revealed either, as all forms of Sonic are referred to as his father(in which they technically are)


Hedgehog: E.J. is almost identical to Modern Sonic in terms of looks. A few differences are that E.J.'s fur is a bit lighter in color, being more sky blue than ocean blue; and his eyes are darker, being more forest green. He also has a tear in his right ear of unknown origins.

Werehog: E.J.'s Werehog form is identical to Sonic's transformation in the game Sonic Unleashed, the only difference being E.J.s eye color remains the same. For some strange reason, the notch in his ear disappears when he's in this form.

Super Form: E.J.'s Super Form, known as Super Spike(to keep with the alliteration theme of Super Forms), is basically the same as Super Sonic. Again, E.J.'s fur is lighter-being more straight up yellow-and his eyes are darker, being more crimson than red. He also retains the notch in his ear.


Unlike his cocky and sometimes arrogant father, E.J. is more laid-back and down-to-earth. He has a cool, calm, and collected personality, and can remain straight-faced and calm in any situation. However, it's apparent that he isn't much of a leader, since whenever something happens to Fox that prevents him from leading(aside from Fox falling ill or getting sidelined due to injury), E.J. isn't very confident, leading to Fox's son Braveheart being forced to take over as leader. E.J. remains straight-faced so often that it's exceedingly rare to see him lose himself in any situation. However, after Dakota's abduction in Haunting Evil, E.J. is so shaken that when Fang and Boulder start arguing over Dakota's decision to attack their enemy, he loses his temper with the both of them, threatening to put them on apprentice duties again(even though Boulder is technically under Splash the Greninja's leadership)


Before the Series: E.J's life before the series is relatively unknown. In the Prologue for Return of the Werehog, E.J. was raiding Eggman's base in White Acropolis, but fell straight into a trap, losing all memory of what happened afterward.

Return of the Werehog: After being saved from Eggman's base, E.J. is brought to Torch's burrow in Soleanna Forest. E.J. muses that two descendants of heroes(E.J. being Sonic's son and Torch being Redstone's descendant) are hanging together, but Torch was Eggman's helper. E.J. decides to hang around Soleanna Forest, soon taking notice of the other inhabitants' constant bullying of Torch when he spots a scar on Torch's flank while eating lunch. Later, after becoming the Werehog, E.J. successfully helps the Forest's inhabitants drive off an attack from Eggman that results in Grizzly losing an eye. When Snow has Torch's cubs, Red and Sadie, a few months later, E.J. promises the loner fox to take care of them should anything happen to him. In Kingdom Valley, E.J. has a vision of protecting Austin Smith(as a human) from Mephiles, and when it ends, he speeds off to the forest. That night, E.J. dreams of when Austin falls off of a building in Lamarkie Village, and later questions Grizzly about it. Grizzly is unable to provide answers, since he arrived in Albion after Finitevus "went mad", but are interrupted when Eggman attacks Torch's family. Torch and Snow are killed and their cubs disappear, though E.J. finds Red the next morning. The next day, E.J. and Red hear a commotion caused by Orville the Wolf's return with his Luxray compatriot Sparx and Grizzly's former mate Heather. During the meeting, E.J. is unnerved by Grizzly's rant after the crowd becomes restless when Red mentions his father's death, as the old veteran reveals his lack of belief in the Spirits in the Stars. Two more days pass uneventfully, but a strange bird attacks, snatching Red and flying off. After regaining consciousness, E.J. heads off to Grizzly's burrow, and when he falls asleep, he dreams of Albion, seeing Grizzly and his brother Firestorm encounter Finitevus, after Chaos Knuckles' maddened rampage(Silver is not seen since it's likely he was somehow invisible to the dreaming E.J. when the Lucario traveled back in time; Return of the Werehog was also created before The Villain's Reveal). Tai soon returns Red to E.J., but Nero the Greninja interrupts them when they're settling down for the night. Several moons later, when Eggman returns to the Forest, he bullies Red into helping him, much to E.J.'s displeasure. While Red is gone, E.J. travels to Angel Island after getting the urge to go there. On the Island, he meets up with the current Guardian-Locke-and Master Y-the leader of the Mega Force-and is given the warning of Austin's arrival to the Worlds(which would eventually lead to Austin completely losing faith in the Spirits since E.J. and Locke both chose to keep the warning hidden until Finitevus told Austin about it). A few years later, while E.J. is the prisoner of the strange new enemy Lyric, he is rescued by Red, now known as Fox the Brave. E.J. becomes part of Team Brave, and co-leads it with Fox as the Team's second-in-command. A few more years later, Austin is brought to the Storming Base, and E.J. continues to keep the warning a secret, keeping a close eye on the young warrior. During the War of Time, E.J. and Fox's Dragonite(formerly Knuckles') fight Finitevus and manage to beat him, allowing the Alliance to arrest him until the events of Revenge of Enerjak, when Dark Enerjak returns and frees him as part of his plans.

Austin's Battle: E.J. first appears after SwiftClan's forest has been burned down. Finitevus takes notice of him and, knowing E.J. had been warned of Austin's arrival, decides to tell Austin of said warning. Later, when Austin is told of the warning, Austin questions E.J. about it, becoming furious when the hedgehog admits to it.

Light Mobius: E.J. is relatively minor here. He is still the Storm Fighters' second-in-command, but isn't as confident because of his old friend's death.

Dark Mobius: E.J. is again minor here. He is still the Storm Fighters' second-in-command, but isn't as confident because of his old friend's death.


E.J. has a Super Form, known as Super Spike-to keep with the alliteration theme(like Super Sonic or Burning Blaze)

As the Werehog, E.J. has all the Abilities learnable by the Werehog from Sonic Unleashed.


E.J. has inherited super speed from his father, and has surprising agility.



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