Eli-Renae is a Sonic the Hedgehog DA fanfic special released in 2015. It was originally titled Eli's Battle Adventure and was to be released in 2011, but was never finished and ended up getting canceled. Eli-Renae had a number of changes between it and the original version. It takes inspiration from Banjo-Kazooie.


The story takes place with the villain, Lord Darkness wanting to take over Magical Wonderland and was told by his lizard henchmen, Bloongo that he needed a bride in order to do so, resulting in him kidnapping Eli's younger sister, Annie. Eli chased Lord Darkness to Magical Wonderland and meets up with an orphaned baby dragon named Renae who's parents were turned to skeletons by Lord Darkness and they team up to save Annie. They are allied with Wizzy the Wizard Snake who teaches them new moves and information to progress through the hubworld and reach Lord Darkness' hideout.


  • Eli J. Brown - A hedgehog with brown fur and the main protagonist of the story who sets on a quest to save his younger sister from Lord Darkness' capture.
  • Renae - A red orphaned baby dragon, Eli's sidekick, and the deuteragonist who wants to avenge her parents. A father-daughter bond between her and Eli forms through the story.
  • Annie - Eli's younger sister, a pink fox (formerly a hedgehog, and later a rabbit) who gets captured by Lord Darkness to force her to marry him to become the true ruler of 'Magical Wonderland"
  • Wizzy - A Snake Wizard and the tritagonist who helps the duo out by teaching them moves and gives advice to them.
  • Lord Darkness - The main antagonist who is a figure in a cloak. He wants to rule over Magical Wonderland.
  • Bloongo - A light blue colored lizard, Lord Darkness' henchman, and the secondary antagonist.


  • The story originally was planned to involve Eli rescuing a girl he didn't know and would be his girlfriend when he finally saved her, but because he was unable to get a girlfriend in real life, the special ended up being canceled until 2015. When the reboot was announced, a viewer stated it would make more sense for Eli to rescue someone he knew rather than rescuing a total stranger without knowing why he was saving her. Much to any irony, in Banjo-Kazooie, a game that this story is taking inspiration from, Tooty, Banjo's little sister, was originally going to be named Piccolo, and be Banjo's girlfriend, rather than his sister.
  • Renae and Bloongo did not exist in the original version of the story. When the reboot was announced, a watcher stated that Lord Darkness should have a henchman like Klungo. Eli then decided that having him be the sole protagonist wouldn't work out, so he made a sidekick for himself, Renae the baby dragon.
  • The main collectables were going to be wads of cash like in Conker's Bad Fur Day, but it was then decided for Wizard Crystals to be the main collectables instead.
  • The story, Eli's Wonderful Life, showed that had it's own antagonist, Shad Markly, was never born, this would mean that Eli never would have gone to save Annie, the latter would have been force to get married to Lord Darkness, and Renae would still be an orphan. Because of this what-if scenario, Eli wanted his old life back where Shad still existed.

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