Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special #1
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Starting Date
December 9, 2011.
Finishing Date
December 31, 2011.
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Elements of Power Christmas Special #1 is a sort of "filler saga" that SolarBlaze wrote during the 2011 holiday season, which takes place between the third and fourth Elements of Power episodes, consisting of four chapters. Although it wasn't initially planned, this story was followed up with a sequel the very next year.


So far, six months have passed since the events of The Goddess of Destruction, and it is now the month of December. During this time, Cream the Rabbit and her mother, Vanilla decide have a Christmas gathering, inviting many of their friends in the process (which, of course, includes the Chaotix team). To everyone's surprise, Dr. Robotnik shows a party guest! Even more surprising than that, the doctor claims to have changed, and relinquished his evil ways for good. Is he telling the truth, or is this a clever way of gaining the heroes' trust in order to lure them into a trap? Find out as you read on!


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Cast of Characters


Villains & Neutrals/Anti-Heroes

References to Past Stories

  • The opening narrative of the first chapter contains a brief recap of the events that took place in The Goddess of Destruction.
    • On a related note, Mecha Amy suspected that Robotnik used a device to bring Metal Sonic back under his control, citing the aforementioned events as a prime example.

References in Later Stories


  • This is the first story in the Elements of Power series where Part 1 did not contain a volcanic setting of any sort.
  • This story has the distinction of being the only one in the series where a new Elemental Goddess was not introduced.
  • So far, this is the only Elements of Power story to not feature Nack the Weasel or Bean the Dynamite, although the latter was given a brief mention in the second chapter.
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