Elements are used in the Sonic Fanon, amongst others. Originally inspired from RPGs which in turn were inspired from the classical elements. The four main elements are Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. However as stories expand as more elements have been added such as Ice, Plant, Electricity, Poison, Light, Dark and the most well known element in the Sonic fandom: Chaos.

Elements in canon

Other than Chaos which has been the common element throughout the series, some of the games have made use of an element system.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

The 6 main elements in this game were:

Elements in fanon

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Mystic Monkey (game)

It is planned there will be a sort of element system for this game.

The monitors for the barrier shield will be replaced to become either a fire, lightning or bubble shield depending the playing character; Blaze will benefit with fire shields and Tidal the Merhog can have bubble shields which he will need to survive the desert heat. Mystic Monkey can apply an element to his Custom Shoes to also use these shields.

Purple Paw Continuity

There are ten deities who are said to be the physical embodiment of each of the ten Elements. They are known as The Elemental Gods.

There are ten clans that are tied to a specific God or Goddess.

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