A product of the secretive Opfer Biologic Industries, the Elemental Spirit-Soldier is the result of genetic tampering with the genetic structures of Chao with the genetics and souls of other races to serve as bio-robots and military weapons.

Elemental Spirit-Soldier

Biographical Description
NatureArtificial Lifeform - Opfer Biologic Industries manufactured.
Diet TypeUncertain
LifespanBelieved to be unlimited
Physical Description
Avg. HeightUncertain
Avg. WeightUncertain
Body TypeBipedal


The entities known as Elemental Spirit-Soldiers have a mixed history. A research team working for the United Federation stumbled across old files detailing the creation method of "artificial Chaos" by Dr. Gerald Robotnik on the Space Colony ARK. The head of the research team, a mildly corrupt scientist, decided that instead of classifying this information, it would be best put to use and stole it, resigning from government soon after to start his own company, Opfer Biologic Industries.

While Opfer made a name for itself in manufacturing prosthetics and pharmaceuticals, there was always a covert research team working on the creation of a functional, sentient Artificial Chaos derivative. These typically failed, but a fateful accident revealed that the modified Chao genetics could be stabilized... by bonding it with a soul from a sentient being; the source rarely mattering. Bonding the soul with cybernetic control augments and the modified Chao core allowed them to create three "states" for their creation.

Most of the modern world views the Elemental Spirit-Soldiers with some degree of skepticism, preferring to stick to either natural beings or robots for war purposes. Opfer is also subject to many undercover investigations from many factions to determine what the source of these beings is, as the soul-bonding is not public knowledge.

Physical Description

Elemental Spirit-Soldiers take the form of a Chao-sized orb of varying colors, with their "body" being built around that core out of the element that the entity is bound to. While resting or inactive, the core is shrouded by a ball of its element, and forms the heart of the active forms.

Each Elemental Spirit-Soldier has two active forms; a "social" and a "combat" mode, with eye color matching the color of the core. The social form is believed to take some resemblance to the identified form of the soul, with a wide range of appearances having been observed among these entities. Their bodies are made up of "hardened" varieties of their element, allowing them to interact with their environment and other people.

In the combat mode, however, Elemental Spirit-Soldiers stand at around 1.7 meters tall, the approximate average height of a human. These beings normally gain traits that are associated with mythical entities of their element, while their "hardened elemental form" becomes more fluid, allowing for the soldiers to reflexively shift between solid and elemental to simply allow attacks to pass through them.


As you would expect, a variation of this race exists for every basic element. Each one is named for a deity, with a numeric code assigned to every entity of that variety.


The Neptunian form of Spirit-Soldier was the first form created, and constructed of water with an alterable surface tension to allow for the "hardened" form. While created accidentally in the initial phases, it is still favored by Opfer Biologic Industries as the easiest variety to create, and makes up the backbone of the defenses of Opfer's aquatic facilities. The Neptune Spirit-Soldier has a blue-grey core in its heart, reflected in the color of the unit's eyes.

As an "Innate Defense Mechanism", or derived genetic ability, Neptune Spirit-Soldiers possess Fluid Form. This technique naturally makes any attempts to increase their natural evasion more effective through fluid transfer, making their body more elastic and flexible, in a sense.


The Vulcan form of Spirit-Soldier is one of the more iconic forms of ESS, constructed of "hardened" fire. Members of the Vulcan-type are normally deployed to defend Opfer's production facilities in remote areas, as their flammable form is often regarded with fear. Powered by a bronze core, these units are regarded as temperamental to create and work with.

The genetic ability possessed by Vulcan Spirit-Soldier is Scorching Scales. It serves as an almost instinctual defense system in physical combat by hardening scales of fire directly underneath physical impacts, mostly with the intent to disable melee weapons and injure his assailants through flame and ambient heat. While highly effective, this increases his vulnerability to water. By forming scales in the path of impacts; it creates a hot spot that is vulnerable to pressurized water.


The Jupiter form of Spirit-Soldier is one of the rarer forms of ESS, constructed of electrostatic fields with a golden core as their heart. Members of the Vulcan-type are incredibly quick in deployment, but it is not yet certain where they are deployed.

These units possess the genetic ability known as Electrostatic Empathy. With this, any attempts to utilize electrical attacks against a Jupiter Spirit-Soldier is moot as it simply absorbs electrical forces and stockpiles them as a counter-force when struck by anything metallic.


The Terra form of Spirit-Soldier is potentially the most secretive of the common forms of ESS, constructed out of compacted dirt and dust around a brass heart-core. Terra-type ESS can be kept in the ground outside a base in their inactive form, activating on the combat signal.

With the genetic ability Earth's Embrace, Terra units can take on qualities of the earth they walk on to augment how their physical forms deal with incoming attacks. This could range through anything from fireproof volcanic skins and oil-imbued coatings to repel water, but there has to be a large enough trace of that quality in the surrounding earth for the Terra unit to draw it out.


The Ventus form is a less common variety of Elemental Spirit-Soldier, with the reinforced glass core being "suspended" in a cloud-like nimbus of swirling air currants. It is believed that the Ventus is designed for air combat, rather than as a defensive or standard soldier-type role.

Incorporated as a genetic ability is the skill Gust Guard, which prevents the Ventus unit from being restrained or penetrated through the use of air gusts to repel any such attempts.


The Krios form of Spirit-Soldier is a simple modification of the Neptune form, with a stainless steel core held in a slurry of ice and snow. Similarly to the Vulcan-type, the Krios is typically employed away from population centers, though in this case they are utilized in mountains and polar environments.

With the genetic ability Frost Fix, Krios Spirit-Soldiers are incredibly resilient, capable of repairing themselves with ambient moisture and water. Due to this, any attempt to melt through the slurry proves pointless, though it is a fairly slow process to repair this damage.


The Ceres form of Spirit-Soldier is another common type, with the green-hued metal core being suspended and carried around inside a form made from intertwined vines, bark and leaves. These are the ones deployed in locations closer to natural areas, simply due to the more "natural" appearance.

Ceres units possess the genetic ability Plant Passion, which utilizes broad-spectrum pheromone releases to try to dissuade attackers from focusing on it, with the side-effect of increasing plant growth in the area around it. Often, in the case that the assailant isn't pacified by the pheromones, the sudden increase in plant growth will have at least evened the odds to some degree.


The Mephitis form of Spirit-Soldier is one of the rarest types and is the most dangerous, with a unique liquid mercury core housed within a body made of flowing liquids and gases of a less desirable nature. Opfer has never confirmed or denied any intentions behind the Mephitis, but the clearly hazardous nature of the unit raises many questions.

Possessing Toxic Tempest as an innate ability, Mephitis units naturally get faster as their opponents immune systems get suppressed, making them absolutely lethal if a fight is let go long enough. However, they are useless at combating robotic or containment-suited opponents.


The Helios type of Spirit-Soldier is one of the three rarest types, with a platinum core housed in what appears to be a solid-state hologram of a variety of colors. What makes these units so rare is the difficulties in actually achieving the creation of a Light-imbued core.

Helios units possess the ability Blinding Bright, which serves to directly nullify the natural weakness that the units possess to Darkness. When attacked with a Dark-aligned attack, the Helios unit unleashes a burst of light focused enough to counteract the attack and potentially blind anybody looking at it.


The Nox type of Spirit-Soldier is one of the three rarest types, with a heavy core of depleted uranium housed within what seems to be an array of solid shadows. What makes these units so rare is the difficulties in actually achieving the creation of a Darkness-imbued core.

Nox units possess the ability Nightmare Nap, which serves by creating a subtle psychological pressure in opponents to guide them towards sleep. Attacking a Nox unit with Nightmare Nap present means that every movement takes subtly more energy, so that in the course of a battle the opponent is exhausted faster fighting a Nox unit than others.


As an entity constructed artificially and derived heavily from energy, it is believed that Elemental Spirit-Soldiers are functionally immortal, with the only way to actually kill one involving the destruction of the central core.


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