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Elemental Ring display
Elemental Rings are manually enhanced Gold Rings that give the wearer special powers. Made from the Gold Rings found in various zones. The Elemental Rings are worn on the wrist to work, rather than just being held. The Elemental Rings were invented by Avarice Walker, who founded his business in Greenflower City with the Elemental Rings Factory. They sold rings each with different elements, including Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, and Darkness. They also created different types of rings, not necessarily elemental, but still have unique effects. Such as the healing ring, which heals wounds and some sicknesses, and the enhanced version that supposedly raises the wearers resistance to death--though not quite rendering them immortal.

The elemental rings have proven to be capable of resisting attacks of their respective elements, but are incapable of absorbing said elements; a flaw exploited by Kyle Tyris as he fought a man using elemental rings during a tournament.

Current Times

The Elemental Rings Factory is located in the northwest side of Green Flower City, while it has an offshore laboratory built on the surface of the ocean. After the events of Splice The Hedgehog, Both of them have closed down and the Elemental Rings have been discontinued. The only way one can get their hands on them now is if they either already have one or if someone else is willing to give/sell theirs to them. Though it is rumored that they still have quite a bit leftover that they didn't get rid of before the closing.

Different Types of Elemental Rings

Each Elemental rings have gone through three versions, each one stronger than the other. They stopped at three, because they failed to get their elemental rings any stronger than their third upgrade. However, they still sell the lesser versions.

List of Elemental Rings

Elemental Ring Type Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Fire Ring

The first of their basic elemental rings. These rings are always pure red, and are warm to the touch. These give the wearer fire powers.

Fire Ring
Fire Ring

Price: 3000r

Flare Ring
Flare Ring

Price: 25000r

Blaze Ring
Blaze Ring

Price: 55075r

Ice Ring

Coming shortly after the Fire rings, the Ice rings came at the same time as their Lightning rings. These are always somewhat cool, and are an icy cyan color.

Ice Ring Frost Ring Glacier Ring

Lightning Ring

The Lightning Rings were always a little bit more powerful than their other rings. These came in both yellow and purplish colors, the first of the rings to have more than one standard color.

Bolt Ring Thunder Ring Lightning Ring

Wind Ring

These rings were either white or clear. In contrast to the lightning rings, these were always slightly weaker than their other rings.

Breezy Ring Wind Ring Cyclone Ring

Water Ring

The water rings came in a variety of different shades of blue. These rings were one of the most difficult ones to develop.

Bubble Ring Aqua Ring Tidal Ring

Earth Ring

These rings were either brown or green. They didn't sell very well, despite their effectiveness. They work for plants, dirt and stone.

Rock Ring Stone Ring Earth Ring

Light Ring

These rings always had a glittery, shiny surface, no matter what color it was. They always felt somewhat pure. They're usually used for illuminating dark areas, but have some combat uses as well.

Glowy Ring Light Ring Shining Ring

Dark Ring

The dark rings were, as to be expected, the complete opposite of the light rings. One would wonder why they would create these, as Darkness is generally considered to be a negative element. Disturbingly enough, these sold extrordinarily well...

Black Ring Dark Ring Shadow Ring

Healing Ring

Quite possibly their best selling rings. The Healing rings were the most practical product for everyday use that they had created.

First Aid Ring Healing Ring

Life Ring

Life Ring

Technically, the Life Rings are the third versions of the Healing rings. But they go so far as to protect the wearer from death. Though it's not really known if it actually works or not, they have been shown to produce a peculiar energy closely related to life force.
The way it actually works is that the ring is capable of detecting when it's wearer is drawing close to death, and immediately sends in healing energy to support their dwindling life long enough for them to be properly treated.

Life Ring N/A Immortality Ring

Other Types of Elemental Rings

  • Invisibility Ring
A useful ring that was advertised, but never released. As the name implies, it was meant to turn the wearer invisible for as long as it stayed on their wrist.

There are a few other unique Elemental Rings, which are taken and absorbed by the user to slightly enhance their abilities.

There is another unreleased ring, which has all of the first six elements listed in one. The ring was used to experiment with others, and never made it to the stocks.


(Put your character's name on this list of he/she uses an Elemental Ring, and what kind they use. Purpose is optional.)

  • Gizmo The Cat (Completely stocked up on every type of Elemental Ring before they closed down. He has at least 5 of each. Used for experimenting.)
  • Artixunio The Hedgehog(Fire Ring.Used for powering up fire abilities)
  • Krinkinko the hedgehog (Has recently bought the dark ring because of his un-eartly dark powers (Dark Krinkinko))
  • Turbo the Chaos Hedgedragon (Dark Ring and Lightning Ring. Used to Increase said abilities)
  • Ironic the Hedgehog (All of Them)
  • Zarex The Fox  (Life Ring and Ice Ring. Used to increase said abilities. Dark Ring and Light Ring. Used for experimenting)
  • Celia the Fox (Celia discovered a crate of these rings in the lower quarter of station square. She has one of each, and uses them to aid her allies' abilities.)
  • Alexia the Hedgehog (she uses the Healing Rings to heal the people in her village.)
  • Schnee the Hedgehog (uses Fire, Ice and Lightning to power her bullets and staff)
  • Jack the Fohuahua (uses Light and Darkness to help regulate his abilities)
  • Angel the Basilisk (One of every ring. Uses it for combative and defensive purposes.)

A Disastrous Accident

It is not very well known to the public, but there was an accident at one of the Elemental Rings' facilities. The company's scientists tried to fuse all of their strongest elemental rings together, including their even further unreleased enhanced version of the Life Ring, the "Immortality Ring". Although it was un-tested, scientists calculated that it had the power to revive the dead.

With all the power stocked into one ring, it became their most powerful creation. But when it was time to test it, the volunteer was overwhelmed by the power stuffed in the ring and died. The Life Ring's effects had reversed, and instead of protecting his life, took it away from him altogether. The ring took that life and became a living entity of its own, and went haywire. It began releasing all of the elemental powers at once, destroying everything around it. Its said that the elements had also "reversed" and became "Negative Elements", but no one knows for sure.

They managed to seal it in a capsule and paralyze it. The room was then sealed off for good, so no one would repeat the same disaster over again.

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