An Elemental Link is a team-based attack technique.


This unique ability requires at least two or three people with different or same types of elemental abilities, combining into one, devastating attack. These types of attacks vary greatly, depending on what kind of elemental attacks one or more users can unleash, though they require great amount of concentration in order to execute this kind of move, if the duo, trio or more were to execute this.

If there are 4 or more linking together, this can unleash an even more devastating attack, though the latter which the rest of its users will greatly suffer fatigue as they can use up a lot of stamina the greater the number. And if certain elements are incompatible with each other, the result can be disastrous.

Elemental Link is not suitable for non-Elemental users.

Known Combinations

  • Fire + Fire - With enough effort put into the combination, it can create Fire nearly-comparable to a Inferno-Element attack.
  • Fire + Earth - This combination typically melts the Earth used, resulting in the creation of lava. More creative combinations typically result in rocky 'bombs' filled with fire or even more lava, designed to be hurled at opponents.
  • Water + Earth - This combination creates a muddy, viscous substance that, while not normally capable of causing significant damage, can significantly slow down or even immobilize a ground-bound opponent, essentially preventing them from being able to dodge attacks. Extensive creation of this mud can even smother small opponents if it is allowed to flow over them.
  • Water + Electric - Due to how Water and Electricity normally interact with each other, this combo can potentially backfire on the users. A successful combination typically creates electrified water, combining the wide spread of Water with the raw power and chance of paralysis that Electricity has.
  • Light + Light
  • Wind + Water - This combination creates a typhoon, and while not as large as a regular twister, the sheer speed and power is enough to send lighter opponents off of the ground and into the air. Those who can fly aren't safe, as they can easily be pulled into the typhoon and tossed around if they can't get away from it fast enough.
  • Fire + Water - This combination unleashes a torrent of boiling hot water that erupts into a hot, thick steam; this steam not only obscures the vision of those caught in it, but the heat and thickness of the steam can easily cause heat exhaustion or even suffocate the unlucky opponent(s) trapped inside. The initial stream of boiling water is also dangerous to the opponent, naturally, due to its temperature equaling that of normal fire, so it can easily cause burns.
  • Water + Ice - This combination can potentially fool an opponent into thinking there is no Elemental Link in play, as a successful combination typically relies on the Water user acting well before the Ice user. This combination is quite versatile, however; the Ice user flash-freezes the water conjured by the Water user to, for example, cause a stream of water being shot at an opponent to suddenly freeze into a big, solid chunk of ice that then slams into the opponent at high speeds. Other popular uses of this combination are for the Water user to create a localized 'rainstorm' (often by shooting a stream of water into the air and allowing the droplets to fall freely) and for the Ice user to flash-freeze the droplets to create a sudden hailstorm. Again, this combination is versatile, typically limited only by the imagination of both users.


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