Element the Monkey
Element the Monkey
Artificial Processed Transgenic Humanoid Monkey with Elemental DNA
Red hair with yellow highlights

Red Monkey fur

Black Eyes with Red Pupils
Black Tanktop Shirt

Black Shorts

Black and Crimson Gauntlets

Black Tennis Shoes
Miles Tails Prower (Creator)

Naokoko the Squirrel Monkey (Creator)
Crimson Explosion

Firestorm Slash

Frostbite Trail

Blizzard Needles

Lightning Orbs

Double Lightning Orbs

Cyclone Impact

Hurricane Diver

Chaos Fissure

Searing Earthquake

Twilight Burst

Stardust Flash

Crimson Moon Blast

Oblivion Spiral

Howling Inferno

Snowy Tempest

Lightning Blaze

Tornado Dance

Stalagmite Rampage

Celestial Flare

Midnight Scorcher
Super Forms:
Inferno Element

Blizzard Element

Storm Element

Quake Element

Tornado Element

Celestial Element

Lunar Element

Element Zero

Element Omega

Element EX

Perfect Element (Final Form)
American V.A.
David Vincent
Japanese V.A.
Sho Hayami
First Appearance:
Sonic the Hedgehog: Memories of Chaos
Original Creator:
Jeremiah Cuff

Element the Monkey is the main antagonist of the beat em up fan game Sonic the Hedgehog: Memories of Chaos. He is an ultimate life form created by Miles Tails Prower and Naokoko the Squirrel Monkey, Element soon broke free from the genetic chambers he was held in and proceeds to wreak absolute havoc throughout mobius. He is loosely based on the main antagonist of the King of Fighters Memorial series with the same name.



Not much is known about Element the Monkey but it is shown that he is a wild and out of control experiment that craves destruction. Element has caused much havoc throughout Mobius to the point that Sonic and his friends sees him as powerful threat that must be annihilated, originally he was created by Miles Tails Prower and his childhood friend Naokoko the Squirrel Monkey as a last resort to battle the combined forces of the Three Elemental Deities and Dr. Eggman, but Tails needed an immense amount of battle data in order to fully awaken him. However, the defeat of the elemental deities allowed the battle data to completely revive Element, causing him to break out of the genetic chamber he was held inside of. Now that Element's freed from his confinement, His only wish is to kill Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog.


Element the Monkey is genetic engineered half human half monkey hybrid that has bright red orange fur covering his entire body. He wears a black tank top shirt and black shorts on his legs and torso, he also wears black and crimson gauntlets on his hands and has black back laced tennis shoes on his feet. And Element sports wild red hair with yellow highlights.



Much like his namesake, Element the Monkey has a variety of elemental attacks in his arsenal which makes him a powerful force to be reckon with.


  • Crimson Explosion: Slashes at enemies which follows up with a burst of flame.
  • Firestorm Slash: Unleashes a barrage of pyrokinetic slashes that burns enemies and finishes them off with a powerful pinwheel attack.
  • Frostbite Trail: Impales and freezes enemies with a trail of icicles.
  • Blizzard Needles: Freezes enemies with a powerful hailstorm
  • Lightning Orbs: Summons three orbs of electricity and hurl them at enemies, causing electrical damage.
  • Dual Lightning Orbs: A much powerful version of the Lightning Orbs that unleashes torrents of lightning bolts that damages all enemies on screen.
  • Cyclone Impact: Summons multiple tornadoes that blows away enemies.
  • Hurricane Diver: Impales enemies with a powerful drilling cyclone attack.
  • Chaos Fissure: Splits the ground in half which traps and crushes all enemies on screen.
  • Searing Eathquake: Calls forth a barrage of flaming meteors that burns and crushes enemies on impact.
  • Twilight Burst: Fires a huge beam of angelic energy that disentegrate enemies.
  • Stardust Flash: Fires multiple light blue dust like projectiles at enemies which can also paralyze them on contact.
  • Crimson Moon Blast: Fires a beam of jet black energy that drain the life force of all enemies on screen.
  • Oblivion Spiral: Unleashes dark energy blades that kills enemies on impact.
  • Howling Inferno: Immolates all foes on screen with a sea of flames.
  • Snowy Tempest: Attacks enemies with an ice imbued spinning lariat move, freezing them in the process.
  • Lightning Blaze: Electrocutes enemies with a powerful concentrated burst of thunder energy.
  • Tornado Dance: Unleash a series of powerful tornadoes that will devastate enemies in their path.
  • Stalagmite Rampage: Summons a torrent of stone spikes that will spring from the ground and impale all enemies on screen.
  • Celestial Flare: Fires multiple firebolts that home in on the target and disintegrates them directly.
  • Midnight Scorcher: Erases all enemies on screen with a explosion of black flames.


Unlike Sonic and his friends who need either the chaos emeralds or the sol emeralds to transform into their super forms, Element the monkey can transform into his super forms at will without needing any chaos or sol emeralds to power him up.

Inferno Element- Element the Monkey engulfs himself in flames which turns him into a pyrokinetic entity and has also boosted his fire elemental attacks to maximum level. In this form, he can fire huge orbs of flame, unleash a giant flaming pinwheel to burn his enemies, and even summon a chaotic hailstorm that causes massive damage to all enemies on screen.

Blizzard Element- Element the Monkey encases himself in a huge block of ice which will then shatter in pieces, revealing him as a crystalline being made of ice. In this form, he can unleash a barrage of hailstones that will crash into his enemies, fires a huge trail of icicles that impales enemies if they get into contact with them, and he can also unleash an avalanche to deliver heavy damage to his foes.

Storm Element- Element the Monkey summons a huge lightning bolt from the sky that soon strikes him and transforms him into a being made of electrical energy. In this form, he can fire multiple spheres of lightning that homes in and electrocutes enemies, summons pillars of lightning that erupts from the ground and cause major electrical damage to foes, and can even create a damaging force field of electrical energy.

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