The Element Emeralds are seven emeralds with immense powers. There colors are green, cyan, blue, red, yellow, white and black (almost the same as the colors of the Chaos Emeralds). When used individually, the users will gain a change in appearance, and earn new powers (for example, the cyan emerald, which represents the sky, will give the user wings for flight). Using all the emeralds at once will have bizarre consequences, sending the existence of the universe into balance.


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The powers of the Element Emeralds are like no others (well, except maybe for the Elemental Emeralds or Elemental Rings). Each emerald gives the user an individual power and appearance.

Green: Earth (Land)

  • Secondary Color: Brown
  • Add-On: Power Fist
  • Add-On Power: Improved strength, control of seismic activity
  • User Appearance:
    • Shirt: Green
      • Symbol: -- (brown)
    • Pants: Green
    • Shoes: Brown
    • Physical Change: Power Fist (brown)

Cyan: Air (Sky)

  • Secondary Color: White
  • Add-On: Wings
  • Add-On Power: Flight, aerokinesis
  • User Appearance:
    • Shirt: Cyan
      • Symbol: Eagle* (white)
    • Pants: Cyan
    • Shoes: White
    • Physical Change: Wings (white), beak (orange) in place of mouth and nose

Blue: Water (Sea)

  • Secondary Color: Cyan
  • Add-On: Tailfin
  • Add-On Power: Improved swimming, aquakinesis
  • User Appearance:
    • Shirt: Blue
      • Symbol: Triton* (cyan)
    • Pants: Blue
    • Shoes: Cyan
    • Physical Change: Tailfin (cyan) in place of legs

Red: Fire

  • Secondary Color: Orange
  • Add-On: None
  • Add-On Power: Fire-proof skin, pyrokinesis
  • User Appearance:
    • Shirt: Red
      • Symbol: Flames* (orange)
    • Pants: Red
    • Shoes: Orange
    • Physical Change: None

Yellow: Electricity

  • Secondary Color: Blue
  • Add-On: None
  • Add-On: Power: Electricity-proof skin, electrokinesis
  • User Appearance:
    • Shirt: Yellow
      • Symbol: Electricity* (blue)
    • Pants: Yellow
    • Shoes: Blue
    • Physical Change: None

White: Light

  • Secondary Color: Yellow
  • Add-On: Blinder
  • Add-On Power: Control of light
  • User Appearance:
    • Shirt: White
      • Symbol: Sun* (yellow)
    • Pants: White
    • Shoes: Yellow
    • Physical Change: None

Black: Darkness

  • Secondary Color: Red
  • Add-On: Darkener
  • Add-On Power: Control of darkness
  • User Appearance:
    • Shirt: Black
      • Symbol: -- (red)
    • Pants: Black
    • Shoes: Red
    • Physical Change: None

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The Element Emeralds will appear in an upcoming fanfiction game that I havent created yet.

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