Elegy the Rotweiler

Appearance & Personality


Elegy is brown, blue-eyed rottweiler standing at a slightly above average height with a slender figure. Her hair is constantly spiked up, and is normally seen wearing a conservative amount of makeup. Despite her use of cosmetics though, she dresses in pantsuits and Oxfords.


While very courteous and lady-like in an office environment, Elegy is a tomboy at heart. As a lawyer, her profession gives her the best of both worlds in this sense, which is why she has such an affinity and charisma for her work.

Despite her generous and content nature, she is a highly-opinionated individual who takes most challenges and affronts to her business as personal insults. She is by no means competitive, however, as she minds her own affairs and only lashes out when an outside source questions her capabilities. She will never try to prove her skill to those who question it, as she believes that it's not her responsibility to work harder for naysayers.

Towards her friends and colleague, she is very helpful and generous when it comes to her actions. While Elegy does not feel it is her responsibility to answer to criticism, she does believe in protecting her domain, unafraid to use her own abilities to defend the Reaching Ring from its various attackers.


Elegy Bright is a civil litigation lawyer fresh out of university and currently working for Reaching Ring as their attorney. She was born in Empire City, but currently moves around from location location, assisting different RR Bases around the world. Her parents were practitioners of divination, a traditional art that allowed a channeler to summon or cast out the spirits of the dead. While she was never told why or how the family started practicing this, she was taught anyway as part of tradition.

Elegy wanted to follow a different path in life from her family, however. Instead of living in poverty for the sake of magic and augury, she decided to move to a more practical field: the law. Little did she know that her magical past would haunt her even further into her new life as an employee of Reaching Ring.

Abilities & Powers


Law Degree

Elegy is a certified lawyer who knows how to conduct court cases.


As a rottweiler, Ms. Bright can charge leap great distances. She rarely uses this ability unless absolutely necessary: chasing enemies or runaways down


Poltergeist Gradient

This is Elegy's main method of defense, although using it properly requires setup. Four spell tags are distributed in an area that form a summoning platform for ghosts and hostile spirits. The farther the spell tags away, the more ghosts summoned, but the smaller each spirit is. If she tacks it on to a person or keeps them to herself, it will summon one or two large spirits either for defense or to haunt an enemy.

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