Electro 1


Age: 22

Likes: Sorcery, Magic

Dislikes: People interrupting his studies

Strengths: He has the ability to control lightning AND the ability to control rock. He combines all sorts of elements together to create some unique powers.

Weaknesses: His Lightning and Rock powers are natural but any powers he conjures up, take a while to charge, which leaves him wide open, and he can't stop to defend himself or else he will have to start charging his attack all over again.

VOICE ACTOR: Jim Cummings - You may recognize him as Pooh and Tigger from Winnie the Pooh or as Dr. Robotnik from Sonic SatAM


He is very strict and probably the most serious and fearless of any of the other princes and princesses of elements. He may also be the most powerful, although most of the time he doesn't show his full strength. He likes to be around people even though he is very silent, as if he's trying to hide something from the others, something important...

He loves his friends and is more passionate for them than anything else, which makes it hard on him because he knows he can love them... but not forever as he will soon one day have to return to his home planet to bring peace by sacrificing himself. So he makes sure the little time he has with his friends, is the best time he has with them.


His kingdom has practiced magic and sorcery for years, so it only seems natural that Electro is able to do it. Unfortunately he wasn't born with those powers, only his rock and lightning ones, he has to create magic himself through sorcery which is why it takes him a while to charge them up. When he was young, he learned of an ancient tale that predicts the end of their world, he thought it was silly at first, but as he got older he noticed things were happening exactly like the tale said it would. He keeps this tale a secret from his friends on Mobius who wish to return to the planet and stop the war because he fears it will devastate them and he doesn't want to see his friends upset.

The tale says that the lust for greed, control, and power will bring a great battle that cannot be won or lost, it can only end. It will end with the sacrifice of a returning hero... What really makes it hard for Electro is that he knows he is the one who will have to sacrifice himself because he does not wish for any of the friends he had made on Mobius to die.


Lightning Powers

  • Bolt is an ability he uses to zap himself to areas at the speed of light.
  • Strike Raid is a barrage of mini lightning bolts that strike rapidly but do little damage.
  • SuperCharge is where he can use water to multiply by 10.

Rock Powers

  • Rock Rain is where he summons a barrage of rocks to attack his enemies.
  • Sandstorm is where he creates a storm of dust and sand to blind his enemies temporarly blind his enemies.

Other Powers

  • His other powers are unlimited as he uses sorcery and magic to conjure up anything he can think of.


Kingdom Hearts Music- Treasured Memories-0

Kingdom Hearts Music- Treasured Memories-0

This music shows how Electro cares for his friends, but how he hides a dark secret from them because he doesn't want to upset and frighten them


"I'm Electro, who are you" - Introducing himself

"You're making a mistake by challenging me" - Battling an enemy

"You're lucky I didn't use my full strength..." - Defeating an enemy

"Impressive..." - Losing to an enemy

"Soon I will be ready..." - Getting an S rank on a mission




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