The Electro-blaster 3000 is a machine that appears in Sonic Mania. It was created by Dr. Robotnik for the sole purpose of destroying Sonic.


The Electro-blaster looks like a black base with three gold rings popping out, progressively getting smaller. Its rings gradually light up white while releasing electricity.


Electro-blaster 3000s are able to generate their own electricity and release it as an extremely powerful shot.


It is found in Studiopolis Zone in Sonic Mania. The Electro-blaster 3000 will gradually light up all three rings then crackle with electricity, at which point its rings will be reset and it will shoot a shot. The shot is rather large, extremely fast and powerful enough to destroy Sonic in one hit (no matter what power-ups or how many Rings he has), and can even destroy non-reinforced walls. If Sonic jumps on it, it shakes a bit before violently exploding and releasing fragments of itself towards the screen.

If the Electro-blaster touches a Lightning Shield, it will violently spark, burn and release a strong electric explosion. It will explode violently while this happens, releasing charred pieces of itself in all directions and towards the screen.

It is often placed in tight spaces, or near non-reinforced walls in an attempt to make the level structure collapse on Sonic. In Act 1, it is only placed in tight spaces.


  • The Electro-blaster 3000 releases three animals on destruction instead of one.
  • The Electro-blaster 3000 is the only enemy which is not a Badnik.
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