Electricity is one of the many elements used in the Sonic Fanon universe, amongst others. It is one of the ten main Elements; the others include;

Its opposite is Water.

Element Description

The control of magnetic fields or any form of particle-based field or beam is branched under the heading of Electrical moves. A simplified version might be Spark manipulation, while there are other more advanced styles further on in the article. The movements are often sharp, sudden movements, interconnected with flowing strokes. Electrical techniques are often focused on damage and paralysis, although skilled wielders of electrical techniques can use it to scramble nerve endings to remove pain, which is incredibly useful.

Strong Against (Offensive)

Elements that take a lot of damage against Electricity-aligned attacks.

Strong Against (Defensive)

Elements that do little damage against Electricity-aligned beings.

Weak Against (Offensive)

Elements that take little damage against Electricity-aligned attacks.

Weak Against (Defensive)

Elements that do a lot of damage against Electricity-aligned beings.

Electricity-Aligned Deities



He is capable of using the Advanced element of Storm.


She is capable of using the Advanced element of Nimbus.


He is capable of using the Advanced element of Stratos.


She is capable of using the Advanced element of Magnetism.

Thunder Deity Raiyuzami

He is capable of using the Advanced elements of Storm and Plasma in his normal and berserker forms.

Electricity-Aligned Artifacts

Particularly powerful or well-known/legendary artifacts that are tied to the Element of Electricity.

The Sparking Orb of Haeos

One of the ten Elemental Orbs that are tied to The Elemental Gods. It resembles a sphere of pure, compressed electricity, yet is solid enough to easily be held. It feels like it constantly hums and vibrates softly when held.

Electricity-Aligned Species

Any species or race tied to the Element of Electricity.


  • Sparkhog - A subspecies of hedgehog. Portmanteau of "spark" and "hedgehog".
  • Galvalion - A subspecies of lion. Portmanteau of "galvanic" and "lion".
  • Lightning Rabbit - A subspecies of rabbit. Portmanteau of "lightning" and "rabbit".
  • Voltiger - A subspecies of tiger. Portmanteau of "volt" and "tiger".
  • Stormwolf - A subspecies of wolf. Portmanteau of "storm" and "wolf".



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Advanced Elements

  • Surge - Advanced Electricity



  • Weather: A combination of Water, Ice, Wind and Electricity
  • Cryoshock: A combination of Water, Ice and Electricity

Legendary Beast Styles

Chaos Variants

Advanced/Mixed Techniques

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Elemental Forms

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