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Electric The Hedgehog, to Zap.

Electric is a 26 year old sailor and the eldest out of his four brothers. As the oldest of the family, he takes care of everyone else and looks after them almost like a father. However, it's difficult to act like a father towards his two younger brothers, Thunder and Lightning, who are only about a year younger than him. It's much easier with Zap, his youngest brother who has not even reached his teen years yet. Nevertheless, Electric takes charge of looking after everyone and helping with the repairs and handywork around the house and their ship, the Thunderbolt. He currently lives with his brothers near the docks of Green Flower City. They live by themselves, as their parents died some years ago.

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Electric sprite

Electric is a dark gold colored hedgehog with three long, thick quills going downward, and pale skyblue eyes. His outfits may vary, but his most common one is a black jacket with three straps going across, holding it together with a slight opening. The jacket perfectly matches with his pair of black fingerless gloves. He also wears black socks and shoes with a black strap with two cyan stripes going across it, Infront of the strap the shoe is yellow, while behind it is darker shade of yellow.


Electric is a very calm and collected person. He speaks in a gentle, quiet tone of voice most of the time. He is a serious person who thinks logically and rationally, always trying to find a reasonable solution to problems. Kind, Polite and well mannered, he comes off as a gentleman to most people. Although he can take a joke, people find it hard to make fun of him or embarrass him in any way. There aren't many things to poke at about him for one thing. He is quite fond of children, and is very gentle towards them.

Few things can actually anger Electric. The main thing that will anger him is outright injustice, or injustice of any kind. He does not like cowards who take advantage of other people to get what they want, either. And lastly, he won't stand for anybody mistreating his family. Especially Zap, who he tries to take good care of in place of his deceased parents.

Strengths and Powers

Electric is mainly good at handywork and repairs. He often does repairs to their ship, the Thunder Bolt, and/or adds modifications to it. He's also a very good cook, and writer. He practices his writing skills because they are working together to make a book.

Out of all his brothers, Electric is the strongest in both lightning power and physical strength. His electrical powers exceed even that of Lightning himself. However, he cannot cause lightning bolts to strike from the sky. His voltage is all within him. If he charges it all up, he can release it in a devastating blast of electricity which can be fatal. After using such a massive attack, it will leave Electric exhausted. He will often pass out after using it.
Aside from blasting his enemies at full power, he is also capable of using his powers in other ways his brothers cannot. This ranges from freely sending out smaller bolts of lightning from his fingertips, creating spheres of pure voltage to toss at his opponents, to even making a magnetic force field to shield himself. (The latter two abilities can actually be used by Zap.)

He is the best when it comes to electrokinetic attacks, however, he pales in comparison to his brothers when it comes to agility. He is fairly slow. He has a handicapped right leg due to an old injury, and always walks with a limp.

In battle, Electric is a force to be reckoned with. Not only is he a master of electrokinesis, but he poses great physical strength as well. It's possible that he could even take Smash on. However, his main weakness is water, when he is in the process of using his electrical powers. It will short him out and prevent him from using his electrical powers. It can happen if he comes in contact with water up to approximately 60 seconds after using his electrical powers. Shorting him out with water can nearly kill him at the very least.

Electric is the only one out of his brothers who possesses a super form. In it, his fur turns from dark gold to a brilliant bright yellow color, his quills sharply stick upward, and electricity surges throughout his entire body. His hands are both surrounded by small lightning orbs. In this form, he is granted the ability to fly, and his lightning powers are enhanced greatly--so much that he can even draw lightning from thunder clouds in the sky. The super form lacks a name. He has never actually transformed into it before, either. Its also triggered in a nonstandard way; instead of seven Chaos Emeralds, he requires thousands and thousands of volts in electricity to be able to transform.

General Info

Electric's parents died when Zap was really young. Being the eldest sibling, he took the charge of taking care of everybody and raising Zap. When his parents were still alive, His father gave him a Lightning Elemental Ring. Electric did not know anything of its powers, and just held onto it as a regular gift. He still keeps it with him as a memento.
Years later, when Electric had turned 15, Thunder told him that he had gotten a good deal on a ship, and was going to save up so that he could buy it. Thus is where Thunder got his ship, the Thunder Bolt. Now the 4 of them sail on the ship looking for adventure. They travel all around the world together and are writing a book about their adventures. When sailing, Electric is generally the one on the lookout. If he's not on the lookout, he's either preparing a meal or doing maintenance on the ship. Lightning often takes his place as the lookout.

As they traveled the world, they encountered and befriended new people. Estrella, Luna, and many others. Now he sails with his brothers for more reasons than just adventure. He has sworn to help Estrella, Thunder's girlfriend, to seize the operations of a mysterious organization spread out across the world.


Electric's father was a man named Tom Adrian Star, a man who lived a regular life until he was taken in by a group of scientists in a shady organization. An organization which were conducting experiments on people and transforming them into mutants. They inserted two lightning elemental rings into his body, but before they could progress any further thumb|100px|right|Reminiscence ~ DL-6 Incident. Fits well with the F-12 their experiments, he broke out and escaped the facility. He stole a wind elemental ring and a pair of experimental shoes on his way out, as he needed them all to fully escape. He went into hiding ever since. It wasn't until a few years later that he came out of hiding and changed his name. He changed his name to Bolt The Hedgehog, reflecting upon his new lightning powers. He lived a somewhat normal life again, and then started a family after getting married, and had four children. They all inherited his lightning powers, however, only one had gotten the wind powers from the elemental ring that he stole. To further distance himself in hopes of lying low, he named all his children with related words to his own.

However, the organization managed to find him. They sent a man to his house to kidnap him and bring him back. The man went and broke into his house and attacked him. He fought him with a fire elemental ring in hopes of matching up to his lightning powers. During the struggle, the man accidentally set the house on fire with his elemental ring. Bolt then hurried to get his children out of the house, but was stalled many times by the man that attacked him. He managed to get them out safely and went back in to help his wife. But due to the man recklessly burning the house away, the entire building collapsed on top of them, which left the children alone. This was known as the F-12 incident. The police never could find out what exactly caused the fire. Witnesses said that they saw a man break into the house and shortly afterwards a fire broke out. The only victims who survived the incident were the kids. Because of the incident, they were sent to the Black Rose Orphanage to live for a while. It wasn't until Electric was 16 that he was able to move out of there with his sibblings. They took up residence in an old man's house. The old man was moving away, and let them have it for free. That was how they came to live near the docks, and lived by themselves with no parents.

Later, Thunder had entered a sweepstakes game and won second prize. He got a lot of money, and ended up buying a ship, and thus began their adventures across the sea.

Electric is the only one who really remembers the incident. However, neither of them knew about their father's past. They hadn't even learned that their last names were Star until the events of Splice The Hedgehog took place.


Along with Thunder and Lightning, Electric used to be a bland recolor back in the days of their creation. His colors haven't changed since then, though. He was darker than Thunder and Lightning to add more contrast to the four of them. (Although he was the same color as Zap.) He was one of the only ones with a personality, yet, he still didn't have much of one at all. He developed one faster than the other two, though. Much faster. Zap already started out with a personality, though. Electric didn't take much spotlight at first, but then later hogged it all. After that he just sat in the sidelines.

Nowadays, Electric neither has a bigger role nor smaller role then that of his brothers. They equally share their roles, except for Thunder, as he is the leader.

Electric used to have a girlfriend. His first relationship quickly died down, due to the person owning the character disappearing for some time. (she later showed up on DeviantArt, but the relationship had long since passed.) He then ended up with Lacey the Shapeshifter some years later. Since Lacey was Smash's future granddaughter (since she became a hybrid of too many things at once, (Hedgehog, Echidna, and Cat) she ended up being a shapeshifter somehow.), and the whole story with the time traveling has been erased, Lacey would logically be gone with it. Thus leaving him single again.



The Voyages of Thunder The Hedgehog: The first and only RP starring him and his brothers.The group met a girl named Estrella Marina while they were returning from a sailing trip. He and his brothers ended up saving her from a group of thugs who were trying to kidnap her, and that lead them on a long adventure. They find out that she was a test subject for an organization which had gone wrong, and they had mutated all of their other subjects because she escaped. Thunder then vowed to take out every facility owned by them.

Splice The Hedgehog (RP of the Fangame): Electric doesn't play a very big role in this story, but it is here when he learns the truth about why his house burned down and killed his parents, where his powers came from, and the people responsible for it all. After this, he feels closer to Estrella than ever, and made it his personal mission to help Thunder take out all of the facilities involved with the organization after Estrella.

Other Appearances

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame): Electric is an NPC in this game, but he plays a slightly important role in revealing more of the backstory of the main plot.

Relationships with Other Characters


Thunder The Hedgehog

Thunder and Electric work like partners. They both think rationally, and like to see things through the safer way. Even though Electric is the eldest, Thunder often gives him orders when they're sailing or working on something together. Electric does not mind at all, and follows obediently.

Lightning The Hedgehog

Electric gets along well with Lightning. Although he feels that he needs to try and take action a little more often and prove his competence. The only thing Electric doesn't like about Lightning is his cooking. There is a reason why he is not allowed in the kitchen.

Zap The Hedgehog

Electric takes care of Zap as if he were his own son. After the death of their parents, Zap was still very young, so he did the best he could to raise him. He is rather protective of him, and tries to keep him out of too much trouble.


(FC's by same creator)

Smash The Echidna

Smash was his first and his best friend. They both think alike and have no trouble getting each other to know what's on their minds.

Pearl The Echidna 

Electric and Pearl get along pretty well. Their often seen together in the kitchen, cooking together and sharing recipes.

Violet The Hedgehog

He doesn't talk to her much, and doesn't know her too well.

Splice The Hedgehog

Electric knows him, but he rarely ever see's him around.

Kyle The Hedgehog

Kyle is a good friend of his. They often share stories with each other about their journeys. Their attitudes are somewhat similar.

Keela The Hedgehog

Electric gets along well with her, but doesn't see her too much.

Gizmo The Cat

He rarely see's Gizmo.

(Other Fancharacters)

Speedy The Hedgehog

Electric doesn't talk to Speedy that much. He still thinks of him as a friend though.

Luna The Hedgehog

She and Electric treat each other as friends, and they get along pretty well.

Shada The Hedgehog

Electric has met her a few times, but hasn't exactly had the chance to have a friendly chat with her.

Lily The Hedgehog

Electric personally does not like her at all, and does not approve of her being on the ship. However, he puts his personal feelings aside and goes with the flow. Of course, he's careful not to let anything go completely out of control.

Hyper The Hedgehog

Electric doesn't know him very well personally, but he's heard about the rough time's he's been through from Smash.

Estrella Marina The Hedgehog

Electric see's her as a friend he can express his feelings to. The two have a brother-sisterly relationship. He often finds himself talking about how he feels about the things that are important to him, and the current events transpiring. He also can't help but feel that their meeting was not a mere coincidence...

Tab The Cat

Electric is fond of Tab. He thinks that she's wise reliable, just the type of person the group needs.

Shade The Dark Chao

Electric is unphased by most of every insult from Shade, although they come by very rarely if at all.


A scientific organization that was shut down after their experiments caused a world wide catastrophe, but are still active behind the scenes. Electric is possibly even more driven to stop them than either of his brethren. It's likely because he feels it's somewhat personal, considering the similarities this organization had to the one behind the death of his parents.

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