The Electric Seal: Overdrive technique is a very power support move, for very good reason.


The Electric Seal: Overdrive technique is very powerful because it boosts speed. Not just double, but it triples the users normal speed. This allows the user to move very fast. Even normal characters with no powers that know this technique might be able to move faster than even sonic. However, as with other Seal moves, this move comes with a cost. It not only takes a lot of energy to use, but, it also lasts only 3 minutes. In addition to this, it also paralyzes the user afterwards. It allows them to speak and move their eyes, but little else is capable. The paralyzation will last exactly half an hour. As a result, it should be used carefully.


Methods of Learning

As with Earth Seal: Stone Shield, the only two ways to learn this move are to either learn it from ancient texts, or to learn it from a clan with Electric-Elemental Deities, if the clan knows it.


Obviously, this technique does indeed have a variant. The Agility move is like this one, but the speed boost is not nearly as great. So, as with others, post moves similar. Mackenzie the Tiger uses a variant he simply calls Overdrive where he inserts electricity into his body, making him faster. It suffers from the same flaws, though.

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