Electric Rain is a delayed Area-Of-Effect Electric attack.


This skill has various usage methods. Currently only one is known, which involves the user forming a large sphere of electricity between his hands, then throwing it above. The sphere will stay above (depending how high it reached with the throw), and after some time, it will burst into a bunch of small, weak electric projectiles which will then start falling to the ground. The result can be from the target getting hit by most of the projectiles, suffering high damage to the projectiles not hitting the target at all, wasting the attack. Skilled Electicity users may be able to detonate the sphere by themselves or even alm the projectiles to the target, thus increasing the efectiviness of the attack.


Currently, only Nathan knows how to use this move. However, anyone else could learn it through training or if Nathan or anyone else that knows this move teaches it to them.

Weak Points

While being powerful if most of the projectiles hit, the target could also dodge most of them, significantly reducing damage, or the projectiles could be blocked, dodged, absorbed or simply miss the target, effectively wasting the attack.


To be able to start this attack, the user must stand still and charge a sphere of energy on his hands. Doing this takes some time, usually leaving the user vulnerable. If the user is interrupted in the middle of charging this attack, the charged energy will be lost.

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