The Electric Gate: Heavenly Lightning technique is a very powerful technique that is as difficult to use as it's cousin, the Earth Gate: Cave-In. Unlike it, It is Electric-Elemental.


The Electric Gate: Heavenly Lightning technique is very powerful. It summons a massive 500-mile storm that rains lightning bolts that are supercharged with twice the amount of electricity than normal that are guaranteed to strike ground level. As a result, the landscape is usually scarred by the attack. However, the attack not only costs a grand amount of energy, it also makes the user have limbs cramp up for an entire hour. As a result, it is suggested to have it used only as a last resort.


Pokemon Users

Methods of Learning

The methods of learning are the same as with the Earth Gate.


Amazingly, after reading through abilities, i found one technique that is similar to this, if not a lower-tier version. The Kirin ability is very similar to this technique. As with the other techniques of seals and gates, post moves similar to this one, as there should be any variants. Though in this case, Kirin is the exception, due to having been made before mine.

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