Electric Clan of Haeos

Electric Clan of Haeos
ElectricClan Crest

Current Leaders

Voltassa Stormdriver - leader
Shingai the Weasel - second-in-command

LocationStormy Ridge
Alignment Hero, Neutral
Current StatusActive

The Electric Clan of Haeos is one of The Elemental Clans, and they reside within Stormy Ridge. They are centered around Haeos, the God of Electricity.



A long time ago, the founder of the Electric Clan, Lady Kaminari Stormdriver, lived in peace with the other nine founders. Arguments about who's Element was superior arose, however, and eventually the ten friends split away from each other, traveling their separate ways.

As Kaminari traveled, she came across like-minded individuals, those who worshiped Haeos and were proficient at manipulating the Electric Element, just like her. These new "followers" of hers accompanied her to Stormy Ridge, the spot where the Electric Clan would be founded.

Early Years

The Elemental Wars

Conflict with The Nine Raiju Fangs


Allies (good to fair terms)

Neutral (purely ambivalent)

Enemies (poor to bad terms)



The soil of Stormy Ridge has rather magnetic properties, which has an interesting effect on the plants grown in it. It is also one of the few places where Zaproot and Thunderferns grows in abundance; Zaproot in particular is known for it's highly conductive properties, and is said to have been used to create the earliest electrical wiring.


Zaproot and Thunderferns are two of the most common exports from the Electric Clan. Their caravans are pulled by Zebstrika bred for strength and endurance, much like how the Fire Clan breeds their caravan-pulling Rapidash in the same way.

Festival of Storms

A festival held every year during the month of May.


  • Haeos -
  • Narukami -
  • Perkunas -
  • Xevioso -
  • Radigast -
  • Raikou - It is said that whenever Raikou roars, lightning strikes Stormy Ridge. Apparently this led to the hatching of Zapdos' egg.
  • Zapdos - It is said that Zapdos was born on the very peak of Stormy Ridge.
  • Zekrom -
  • Thundurus -
  • Dialga - One of the few Deities that all of the Clans collectively worship; the other two are Palkia and Giratina.
  • Palkia - One of the few Deities that all of the Clans collectively worship; the other two are Dialga and Giratina.
  • Giratina - One of the few Deities that all of the Clans collectively worship; the other two are Palkia and Dialga.


There is a head, or "captain", for the soldier and battle mage groups. There is also a head scout.

Notable Members

Voltassa Stormdriver

The current leader of the Electric Clan, a member of the Stormdriver family and the descendant of Lady Kaminari, the founder of the Electric Clan said to have been spiritually connected with Haeos.

Shingai the Weasel

Fulguro Stormdriver

Voltassa's younger brother.

Vultagg Stormdriver

Voltassa and Fulguro's father.

Honorary Members

While they don't live full-time at Stormy Ridge, nor were they born there, Honorary Members are singular allies of the Electric Clan, having gained their collective trust through various means (often through helping them numerous times).

  • Tye The Hedgehog -


Weapons Vault

Like the other Clans, the Electric Clan has a well-guarded vault containing powerful Electric-aligned weaponry. The purpose of this vault is unknown, but it can be speculated that the weapons contained within are only to be used in dire circumstances.

Some of these weapons are;

  • Stormbreaker - A tetsubo.



  1. Drydan = Welsh word for "electricity"
  2. Daranau = Welsh word for "thunder"
  3. Villamo = Hungarian word for "lightning"
  4. Ukkonen = Finnish word for "thunder"
  5. Trondites = Albanian word for "shocking"
  6. Xokkanti = Maltese word for "shocking"
  7. Melistrikkan = Malay/Indonesian word for "electrocute"
  8. Makoryente = Filipino word for "electrocute"
  9. Boltahe = Filipino word for "voltage"
  10. Ardvoltais = Irish word for "voltage"
  11. Vultagg = Maltese word for "voltage"
  12. Ampere = Catalan/German word for "amp"
  13. Erosito = Hungarian word for "amp"
  14. Amperagem = Portuguese word for "amp"
  15. Magnes = Polish word for "magnet"
  16. Kalamita = Maltese word for "magnet"
  17. Sumaku = Swahili word for "magnet"
  18. Miknatis = Turkish word for "magnet"
  19. Manyetik = Turkish word for "magnetic"
  20. Akku = Finnish word for "battery"
  21. Patareid = Estonian word for "batteries"
  22. Voimakas = Finnish word for "powerful"
  23. Hatalom = Hungarian word for "power"
  24. Galia = Lithuanian word for "power"
  25. Poderoso = Portuguese word for "powerful"
  26. Magnetia = Albanian word for "magnets"
  27. Elettricitá = Italian word for "electricity"
  28. Paligid = Filipino word for "circuit"
  29. Stromkreis = German word for "circuit"
  30. Aramkor = Hungarian word for "circuit"
  31. Grandine = Lithuanian word for "circuit"
  32. Kretsene = Norwegian word for "circuits"
  33. Recorrido = Spanish word for "circuit"
  34. Rafrasir = Icelandic word for "circuitry"
  35. Jonowych = Polish word for "ion"
  36. Devresi = Turkish word for "circuit"
  37. Plazmoje = Lithuanian word for "plasma"
  38. Blitza = German name of Jolteon
  39. Kasvoi = Finnish word for "surged"
  40. Corbys = Welsh word for "pulses"
  41. Kolisani = Czech word for "surging"
  42. Kabaran = Turkish word for "surging"
  43. Kaminari = Japanese word for "thunder"
  44. Garaja - Hindi word for "thunder"

Names For You

Names that you can ask to "claim" to create a clan member.
  1. Galvanisere = Danish word for "galvanize"
  2. Nadi = Indonesian word for "pulse"
  3. Bakliyat = Turkish word for "pulses"
  4. Legumi = Maltese word for "pulses"
  5. Kaunviljad = Estonian word for "pulses"
  6. Premut = Catalan word for "pulsed"
  7. Circule = French word for "pulsed"
  8. Berdenyut = Indonesian/Malay word for "pulsed" and "pulsating"
  9. Darbeli = Turkish word for "pulse"
  10. Polsende = Afrikaans word for "pulsating"
  11. Sykkiva = Finnish word for "pulsating"
  12. Titresen = Turkish word for "pulsating"
  13. Plazemske = Slovenian word for "plasma"
  14. Creixent = Catalan word for "surging"
  15. Deinende = Dutch word for "surging"
  16. Paisus = Estonian word for "surged"
  17. Kuohunta = Estonian/Finnish word for "surging"
  18. Afluiram = Galician word for "surged"
  19. Haborgo = Hungarian word for "surging"
  20. Lonjakan = Indonesian word for "surges"
  21. Gholiet = Maltese word for "surged"
  22. Valuri = Romanian word for "surges"
  23. Narastol = Slovak word for "surged"
  24. Levantado = Spanish word for "surged"
  25. Tonnerre = French word for "thunder"
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