PG-003/Electra, the Goddess of Thunder
Ringstar Island
Dr. Nega, the Parallel Goddesses, Cyber Sonics, etc.
The Chaotix and company (initially), Metal Sonic 4.0 (Christmas Special #2 and onward)
Shopping, foot-racing, flirting with guys, etc.
Rainy weather, Amy Rose, and Tiara Boobowski.
Theme Song

"Why, hello there. Looking for me, handsome?"
Dimensional Chaos Part 14

Electra, the Goddess of Thunder, also known by her experiment codename, PG-003 (pronounced "Pee-Jee-Double-Oh-Three") is a character from SolarBlaze's episodic fanfic, Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power. She is a creation of Dr. Nega, and the third in his line of Parallel Goddess Experiments, modeled after her dimensional equivalent, Shock. As with her older sisters, Electra has made her debut in Dimensional Chaos, and has had subsequent appearances throughout the series as of the second Christmas Special.


Similar to Slush (and Silvra, to an extent), Electra happens to have a very seductive and flirtatious personality, flirting with nearly every guy that she sees (much to other peoples' annoyance), including emotionless robots.


Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos

Electra is the younger sister of Stonia and Woodra, as well as the third of Dr. Nega's Parallel Goddess Experiments that he created after he, Volcana, and Metal Blaze raided Dr. Robotnik's base and stole the blueprints for the EG Experiments and the Egg Merger.

After deceiving the Wave Goddess, Oceana, into believing that he posed no threat, and was merely working on these projects for the benefit of mankind, Dr. Nega asked her for a blood sample; a request that she willingly complied with. After creating the Nega Egg Merger, and infusing Oceana's blood and an ordinary, colorless gem with electricity-based element samples, this eventually resulted in the creation of PG-003/Electra, followed by the next two PG Experiments.

EoP Christmas Special #2

In this story, Electra was one of many guests who were attending a Christmas party that was being held at Cream and Vanilla. When it was later on revealed that "Vanilla" was actually Metal Sonic Version 4.0 in disguise, Electra fought alongside all the other heroes to defeat him and put a permanent halt to the monstrous machine's ambitions for universal domination.

EoP Christmas Special #3

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EoP Christmas Special #3

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EoP Christmas Special #4

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Dr. Nega

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Sonic the Hedgehog

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Amy Rose and Tiara Boobowski

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  • SolarBlaze once considered naming her "Thundra", but he decided against it, since he didn't think it clicked very well with Electra's "Goddess of Thunder" title. Plus, that meant that he would have to change Shock's, which he didn't want to do, since she had already been established as the "Goddess of Lighting".
  • Electra's color scheme is a nod to the thunder shock ability in the Sonic Rivals games, which was colored purple.




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