El Lobo

El Lobo

Car Type Lowrider
Horsepower 380 HP
Transmission 4-Speed Manual transmission
Top Speed 145 MPH (157 MPH; when slipstreaming)
  • I ride for a living, pana.
Super Formations
Affiliations None yet
American V.A. Daddy Yankee
Japanese V.A. Tatsuya Sakuma

El Lobo (エル・ロボ・ザ・ローライダー Eru Robo za Rōraidā) is an anthropomorphic lowrider. It was given to Bella The Bandicoot from J the Hedgehog as a Christmas present. It features hydraulics and it has a low ride height, just close to touching the ground.


El Lobo is a kind, noble and is pretty tough by the looks of it. It has a "Spanglish" spoken language, which is a first time a car that is bilingual, although it speaks Spanish mostly. It is also considered to be crazy, most likely because it can "bounce" around with its hydraulics, even though it is driving around the streets, it just likes to show off. It also enjoys adventures, and it also loves to participate in racing.

Physical Appearance

El Lobo consists having a black hard top on its roof, a purple metallic paintjob from its body, dark pink racing stripes, light blue interior on the inside, red 60's style seats and 20" rims.


Like most vehicles, El Lobo has pretty good strength, capable of withstanding any Magick attacks inflicted against it. It uses hydraulics to jump on hard-to-reach places and such. Ironically, El Lobo is the only vehicle that can perform Close Combat with its hydraulics, despite being a vehicle. Here are its abilities:

  • Close Combat
  • Flamethrower
  • Tackle
  • Over-Rev
  • Barrel Roll


El Lobo's hydraulics are quite useful, at first glance, but even though it can elevate its height by standing high on four wheels, it is nearly impossible to drive through deep surface, as its suspension parts will likely break if it makes contact with any hard objects it approaches, thus causing its performance to be inevitable to drive, unless its repaired. It is also completely useless for off-roading, because the car will likely slide around and possibly hit something when driving through ice and it can get stuck when driving through sand or gravel. Even though El Lobo can bounce through buildings, if its hydraulics were to activate after launching off a very high ramp, hard landing impacts will cause its engine to take its toll.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Using hydraulics, racing, showing off, interacting with other vehicles and other Mobians


  • Having its paintjob changed, being slow in a race, listening to rap, beaches, someone (other than Bella) controlling it

Character Interactions

TBA (To be Announced)

Theme Songs

War - Low Rider
Daddy Yankee - Talento De Barrio
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
Crash - Methods of Mayhem


"¡Muy perfecto! Nobody can stop me!" After getting S rank

"¡Nadie me puede detenerme!" After getting A rank

"Heh, mejor que nada." After getting B rank

"Well, al menos he hecho la misión." After getting C rank

"¿Que pasa? I though this goal was made easy!" After getting D rank

"¡Yo no soy el perdodor! Never!" After getting E rank

"Let's dominate esta competición!" After being selected

"¡Prepárese para una batalla épica!" Before a battle

"You see, man, ¡usted no puede vencerme!" After winning a battle

"¡Esto no puede pasar a mí! [engine blows up in flames]" After losing a battle

Other Quotes


  • "You think you can defeat me? ¡Vamos a ver qué tan bien se puede!"
  • "I'm not that easy to be beat!"
  • "Muéstrame lo que estás hecho!"
  • "¡No tengo miedo de nadie!"


  • El Lobo bears a striking resemblance to the '64 Chevrolet Impala.
  • El Lobo is a Spanish word for "The Wolf".



TBA (To Be Announced)



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