Cquote1 It's okay Mr. Ages. I'll just break their legs! Cquote2
Eileen to Ages during an investigation

Eileen the Bat

Eileen the Bat

Eileen the Bat - Buisness

Biographical Information
Age 18
  • Eileen
  • Mrs. Eileen
  • Assistant
Relatives Unknown
Romantic Interest(s)  ???
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Bat
Gender Female
  • Fur: Pink
  • Eyes: Pink
  • Hair: Purple
  • Assistant Dress
  • Casual apparel
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliation Hero
  • Left Glaive
  • Right Glaive
  • Flight
  • Glaive combat
  • Pick pocketing
  • Stealth
Other Information
Japanese V.A. TBA
American V.A. TBA
Theme Song(s) N/A
Original Creator Neoexlucky

Eileen is an 18 year old bat. She once was training to become the 'greatest thief' ever and even believed that she was, although her thieving skills were lacking in a lot of parts. She was hired by Ages during one investigation as the pair made a great team and ever since, Eileen has been staying at the Tranquil Manor. Her main weapon of choice are her glaives, which she affectionately calls her 'babies'. She was created by NeoExlucky.


Eileen is a pink Bat that normally wears black gloves, a red T-shirt, blue jeans, and red shoes. She hates wearing things in her hair like bows and head bands, and prefers to keep her hair down. She can also sometimes be seen in her professional clothing, of a black gown and white heels.


Eileen is a great friend and reliable ally. Happy-go-lucky, and always having a positive outlook on life has really helped her make friends along the way. Although she isn't the brightest member of the Tranquil Detective Team, she is kind, generous, empathetic, and is always looking to get the bad guys into jail. She has a very good friendship with Ages Tranquil, her main partner in crime, and is very loyal to him. She has unknown origins, as she explained to Ages on her first investigation; "Eh, I don't care about that kind of stuff."


Younger Days

Although she doesn't really explain it all that well, it is known that she was trained by herself to steal from others and most of that training was for not, as her dubious skills are not helpful that much. That being said, she does have a moderate skill in pick pocketing, and is very skilled in using her Glaives. She aquired these talents in her youth, and it is known that she has a sister, but other than that, she doesn't know much.

The first investigation

Eileen was first introduced in a series of small Tales of the Echo shorts called, "The new Detective." In this series, Ages learned that his father was detective as well as the CEO of his company and left several notes on this. When an old partner of his visits Ages during his first days as CEO of Tranquil Corp, he tells the story of his adventures with Ages' father and invites Ages to a dinner to commemerate his Father's legacy. During the party though, this old partner was murdered and Ages met Eileen, who was just outside when the gunshot was heard. The two of them began to investigate this mystery and afterwards discovered the true culprit of the murder. Eileen was able to track down the target after he ran and caught him. Ages and her had him arrested and Eileen asks if he is an actual detective. Ages takes a minute to think and says that he will become one for his father, then asks Eileen if she will be his assistant. She agress and the two begin their partnership.

Trouble in the Brawler's guild

In another short, "Trouble in the Brawler's guild" Eileen and Ages take their first case as an offical detective team and begin investigating a murder that happened in the middle of an underground fighter's guild. There they meet the prime suspect of the murder, Hawke the Falcon, who claims that he had nothing to do with the murder in question. After some extensive research Eileen and Ages manage to learn that Hawke couldn't have been at the guild when the murder happened, and it's because of this fact that Ages allows Hawke to travel with them while they are investigating. During the investigation Hawke proves to be very resourceful and is able to clear away lots of things using his strength and intimidation. Near the end of the investigation he gets into a brawl with the actual murderer and knocks him out. Due to this, Ages and Eileen agree that he is useful and after the investigation is over, they both ask him if they will join his team, he contemplates it for a while and after realizing that the brawlers guild might have to shut down, he agrees.


Glaive combat

Whether she's fighting in melee range or throwing them, Eileen is skilled in the act of Glaive combat. She is very flexible and her flight and light weight makes her extremely more agile in combat, which makes her a worthy foe.

Pick Pocketing

Being one of the only skills she got decent at when training, Eileen has used this skill several times when investigating since there are many people who refuse to give clues or leads away that she and her team need.

Speed and Agility

Eileen is quick on her feet and is quite agile. She can jump high, and move quickly. Although her running speed isn't fast, she can react quickly, which puts her on good standings when she is dealing with quick thinking. She is still far from being the fastest thing alive, but her thinking and reaction time are very quick.



Although not her greatest detail, the threat murdering people or hurting others is something that truly stops Eileen in her tracks. She can't deal with these kind of things and becomes very easy to manipulate afterwards.


Not even Eileen can dodge a bullet, much less deflect or block one. Unless wearing something like a bullet proof vest, guns are surely a threat to Eileen.



Ages Tranquil

Hawke the Falcon








The magician


"It's okay Mr. Ages. If they don't tell me anything, I'll just BREAK THEIR LEGS!" -Eileen during her first investigation.

"Mr. Ages and I work together. We're a team!" -Eileen to Hawke when he first contemplates joining.


"My name is Eileen the Bat, greatest thief ever!" -Eileen

"Don't let my brother hear you say that..." -Ages

"'re in the Brawler's guild? What's that like?" -Eileen

"You ever been punched in the face?" -Hawke

"Yeah." -Eileen

"Imagine that, but your paid to for that to happen." -Hawke

"Don't get me wrong, I love my babies, but seeing other people's weapons is cool! It's like seeing part of someone's personaility!" -Eileen

"She...she actually has a point there..." -Hawke.

"Where are we going?" -Ages

"We're going to the most sinister and creepy place ever." -Eileen

"We're going to an ice cream parlor, aren't we?" Hawke

"Yep!" -Eileen

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