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"My master helped me, made me become what I am now, he saved me, gave me a home and a name, and he taught me, made me able to control myself and the beast inside. And for that I am grateful. So, to repay him for everything he did for me, I must do my part. And so, now I live in the shadows as he lives in the shadows. I manipulate the shadows as he does. And I hide and wait for my prey in the shadows, as he tells me to do. You asked me why I do as I do, and I have answered you. Now, if I were you, I'd run and hide, for my King is coming for you and all you hold dear. Run now, for your life will be over sooner than you know."
—Eggdelena Dark to Scourge the Hedgehog


A tan and black colored hedgehog with an odd formation of hair, hair that is shaped just like Shadow's hair style, though with black bud-like plumes sticking out on each end instead of stripes. Her eyelashes and lids are black, her eyes a bright pink.

When in monster form, her body is enveloped in black, her pink eyes become four, dagger shaped eyes, two smaller, two larger. Her hands and feet turn into long sharp claws, she sprouts wings like a dragon, and when she talks, her voice sounds high and beast like. She also grows a long, slender, black tail with a spear-like tip.

Her attire consists of a simple black hood that hides her face, a black outfit, and black boots.

Personality & Behavior

Eggdelena hardly shows any emotion, and usually never smiles. She also shows little to no interest in talking or communicating to others, showing that she is a very anti-social person. But I guess spending her time locked away in her master's castle, training and honing her skills and powers, kind of left her with a cold and solitary outlook on life outside of her comfort zone.

Eggdelena usually never shows any compassion or feeling towards others, making an exception for her family and her master. She does, however, feel guilt and/or pity towards her victims she kills, going so far as to apologize and explain the reasons for why she had to kill them. She even goes so far as to warn her family members to stay away from her, knowing her master despises her family, and worries that he will order her to kill them. This she tries to avoid as much as possible.

When in her monster form, she succumbs to the beast within, and she loses all feeling towards others, making her a merciless killer, and her vision makes her see all things in pinkish-red. Sometimes she can fight it, other times she cannot.

Though she keeps her feelings towards her master at a minimum, she does respect and listen to him, treating him as both her mentor and her master. However, she sometimes disagrees with her master on several occasions, some she sees as unjust and wrong. This shows that even though her master has a hold over her body and her will, he doesn't have a hold over her soul and her heart.


Early Life

From the moment of her birth, the Dark family knew their daughter had power that was beyond that of their own. Her master also heard of her power from seeing her through his crystal ball, and wanted her for her powers, but also because he knew that her family wouldn't be able to help her in controlling her powers. So he kidnapped her from her family one night, and brought her to live with him in his zone, Anti-Mercia.

Training and Servitude

As she lived and spent her life growing up in Anti-Mercia, with her master training her to contain the beast inside of her, she began to learn much of her master, but at the same time, very little. As she came to her teen years, her master started to teach her how to hunt, to kill, to seek out. She soon began to realize, that her master had always had other plans for her, other than training her so she could control her inner monster, but to use her powers and skills for his own interests. She soon began to use her abilities and skills for other things, such as hunting down the enemies of her master, who was to be the future King of Anti-Mercia, and so Anti-Mobius (according to him that is).


Eggdelena has control over umbrakinesis, better known as shadow manipulation. When using these powers, she can blend in, and practically dematerialize into the shadows, popping out of a totally different shadow then before. This can give her an advantage when jumping out upon stunned or unsuspecting opponents and foes alike. She also can summon balls of shadows she calls Shadow Orbs, launching them out at her foes with such force and power, that it can leave her victims either in a state where their limbs are paralyzed and/or broken, or in a state where their mind is traumatized and prey to horrible nightmares and hallucinations that stop to no end, to the point that only someone who is either already a madman or can break out of the spell, can shake out of it.

The powers of her monster form consist of:

  • enhanced shadow manipulation, including move-sets such as Shadow Claw, Shadow Bite, and Shadow Tail.
  • ability to see in the dark.
  • speed-like teleportation.
  • and able to use and harness Negative Chaos Energy.


She is very fast and athletic which gives her good advantage when moving from one shadow to another, or in jumping and maneuvering around objects that hinder her from her orders.

She is also able to mimic voices and use them to her advantage in deceiving people.

Skills and Use of Weaponry

Eggdelena is able to use and wield her crossbow and her poison arrows with ease and skill. When her poison tipped arrows hit a target, deadly, and sometimes minor poison spreads throughout the victim, causing extreme pain and often certain death.

When fighting in close-range combat, her crossbow can shapeshift into a twin bladed sword with poisoned edges.

She is very devoted to following orders, taking her orders seriously.


If she is fighting against someone who has either high awareness, umbrakinesis, and/or lightkinesis, she is at a horrible disadvantage, and is prone to making a mistake when using her umbrakinesis against an opponent.

When in and out of her monster form, Eggdelena can be very vulnerable as it takes time for her to revert to her monster form same as it takes for her to change back to normal. She can also be very weak, and the first thing she is prone to do after reverting back to normal is to create a Shadow Portal to return herself back home for her to recharge and rest. She is also at a disadvantage in hand-to-hand combat, being a klutz at it despite her attempts to perfection. :

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