The Eggbots (or E-10000 series) are robotic soldiers created by Dr. Eggman to stop the Sonic Brawlers. Eggbots come in many shapes and sizes. Here are most of the types of Eggbots.

Basic Eggbot

The Basic Eggbot is the most common of Eggbots. It appears as a mechanical egg with legs and lasers built in to its arms. They mostly resemble the Battle Droids from Star Wars.

Stats of Basic Eggbot:

Attack: 5

Defense: 3

Speed: 4

Power: 1

Savage Eggbot

Savage Eggbots are mindless robots that resemble 2-foot tall eggs with clawed legs and feet. They have blade-toothed mouths for biting. They also walk by hopping and jumping.

Stats of Savage Eggbot:

Attack: 8

Defense: 2

Speed: 3

Power: 1

Rock-Solid Eggbot

Rock-Solid Eggbots are very armored Eggbots with super strength. They do not use lasers, but use their fists to attack. Though they are very slow, they can kill nearly any living thing with one punch. They mostly resemble the Super Battle Droids from Star Wars.

Stats of Rock-Solid Eggbot:

Attack: 6

Defense: 10

Speed: 1

Power: 9

Jet Eggbot

Jet Eggbots (also called "Jetbots") are medium-sized robots that can fly at very high speeds. They look like eggs with a hole at the bottom for flying, and are also equipped with missiles. Though they can fly at sonic speeds, their defense is extremely low.

Stats of Jet Eggbot:

Attack: 5

Defense: 1

Speed: 12

Power: 2

Aqua Eggbot

Aqua Eggbots are robots that can resist water without short-circuiting. They resemble eggs with fins and gills that store water to use for water-based attacks. It can whack enemies with its super strong fins.

Stats of Aqua Eggbot:

Attack: 4

Defense: 3

Speed: 8 (in water only, cannot move on land)

Power: 3

Driller Eggbot

Driller Eggbots are Eggbots that can drill into the ground. It can also move on the ground with out drilling into it. But they spend most of their time underground looking for targets.

Stats of Driller Eggbot:

Attack: 6

Defense: 7

Speed: (on ground) 5 (underground) 3

Power: 5

Ultra Eggbots

The Ultra Eggbots are the most rare (no kidding, there is only 2 of them) and some of the most powerful robots Eggman has ever created. They appear as giant eggs with long, thick arms and legs. They are also equipped with lasers, cannons, missiles, and lots more. It's main weakness is speed.

Stats of Ultra Eggbot:

Attack: 20

Defense: 20

Speed: 5

Power: 20