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Egg Ruin Renegades
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Egg Ruin Renegades
Organization Information
Type Renegade group
Also known as Desert Renegades

Sharifa the Lizard - leader

Headquarters Egg Ruins
Enemy organizations

The Eggman Empire
Efrika Egg Army
Carrion Crew



The Egg Ruin Renegades are a group of Mobians who reside within the Egg Ruins, a former roboticization/robot manufacturing facility owned by Dr. Eggman. The Egg Ruins are located in the Desert Ocean Zone, on the Mobian continent of Efrika.



The Egg Group Renegades were formed a few years after Sharifa's fateful run-in with some of Eggman's Badniks, which resulted in her partial roboticization. The building had been partially destroyed after a group of soldiers from the Efrikan G.U.N base near Mazuri, led by Lieutenant Rufaro Machán, razed the base and freed the captured Mobians, with Sharifa among them. She remained in the Desert Ocean Zone, eventually returning to the former the roboticization facility; despite the seemingly poor state of the building, it was still structurally sound, and many machines had been left behind. Sharifa immediately declared ownership of the building.

Part 2

Over the couple of years that Sharifa spent trying to renovate the building, a few Mobians had come to her territory one by one, seeking shelter; first it was a female scorpion named Kahina. Her home had been destroyed by the Efrika Egg Army, and her mother had fled to Mazuri, having been separated from her daughter during the attack. Part of her tail had been crushed and torn off by a piece of falling rubble, and she had lost a fair bit of blood. Empathizing with the scorpion, Sharifa allowed her to stay in the Egg Ruins, patching up her torn tail with some gauze.

Later, after Rudolf the Gecko joined the Renegades, he used his mechanical expertise to repair the building's least damaged roboticizer and get it up and running, using it to essentially give Kahina a new, robotic tail.




  • Robots are to be destroyed on sight; there is no way to tell whether or not they've been created by Eggman, so it's better to be safe rather than sorry.
  • Outsiders are not to be immediately trusted; employ caution around strangers who come across the base.
  • Lost children are to immediately be brought into the base; they have a lesser chance of survival out in the harsh sun. They will later be brought to the town of Brightdune (the closest settlement to the base) after making sure they aren't badly injured or at risk of dehydration.

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