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Cquote1.png Well, I was going to leave your pathetic little village alone, but now you've left me no choice! My Egg Reaver will tear your homes asunder! Cquote2.png
Eggman to the Gelid Forest Freedom Fighters.

The Egg Reaver is a large robot built by Dr. Eggman. It is rumored that Eggman somehow managed to synthesize Cryosteel in order to create it.


While not Eggman's biggest robot, it is still considerably large, standing roughly ten feet at the shoulder and weighing about 15 tons. For all intents and purposes, it looks like a robotic Tundra Reaver, but with larger spikes on its back, and no whiskers. Its color scheme is a mixture of blue, black, and white, with icy blue optics.



Creation of the robot was somewhat delayed, as Eggman wished to use the Frozen Orb of Kyanos to serve as the core of the robot. However, since Ivory's regiment of the Artika Egg Army had no success in locating the artifact (which was said to be hidden within the deepest and coldest part of the Shiverstone Caves), and Eggman wanted to deploy the robot as soon as he could, he had to settle for a large Frost Sapphire instead.

Therefore, the Egg Reaver was created within the Egg Carrier Mk. III (the successor to the Egg Carrier 2 that was destroyed by Perfect Chaos), and then deployed to Artika when completed.

Battling the Gelid Forest Freedom Fighters

The Egg Reaver's primary purpose was to tear down parts of the Gelid Forest so that Badnik manufacturing facilities could be built, using its powerful, razor-sharp horns to cut through the trees. It also had the purpose of fending off anyone who tried to get in the way of Eggman's plans, and for this reason the Gelid Forest Freedom Fighters soon began to clash with it in an effort to protect the Gelid Forest.



Deceptively fast, the Egg Reaver has all the armaments that its inspiration has, namely the long, sharp horns, the massive claws, and the thick, powerful tail. A Frost Sapphire located within its chest allows it to unleash destructive blasts of incredibly cold energy, which can freeze organics who don't resist it. It can also unleash powerful roars that can be heard up to five miles away; they're loud enough to temporarily stun those with sensitive hearing.

Apart from the freezing blasts it can unleash thanks to its Frost Sapphire core (it can also fire shards of ice similar to a machine gun), it has access to other formidable weapons. Its sharp teeth and powerful jaws give it a devastating bite more than capable of crushing stone and biting through steel. Its huge, razor-sharp horns can cleave through nearly anything in its path, and it has the strength to swat aside things up to ten tons in weight using either its tail or forearms. With its sheer weight and surprising speed, it can send trees breaking and flying with a single charge. It also has access to infrared vision that allows it to detect organic lifeforms.


The Egg Reaver has a poor tolerance for extreme heat. Its sheer weight also leaves it incapable of swimming. While it is quite fast, it cannot turn or slow down quickly while in a charge.