Egg Mecha appears as a standard Egg Pawn only with a silver colored body and red colored optics. His laser is blue when fired and his digistructed claws appear to be blue with basic electricity forming around them. When
Egg Mecha
destroyed in a way that opens him up, Mecha appears to have wires of green, red, blue, and yellow which attach to his laser core and his basic circutry.


Egg Mecha has a very perculiar personality. He tends not to speak at all as he has no voice module. Instead he tends to ignore any close interaction with anybody, including Dr. Robotnik who finds it highly annoying at times. When in battle, Mecha tends to destroy anything that moves, making Robotnik pleased even with the thought that Mecha has no voice module and cannot listen to certain commands.


Egg Mecha was born from the dangerous Dr. Robotnik. He has become one of the best off of the assembly line. After a glitch though, Mecha was rebuilt and torn from his basic Egg Pawn parts, being replaced with a more advanced version of Dr. Robotnik's most deadly armor. After mastering the armor, Mecha had been ordered to go and find Sonic the hedgehog and kill him on site. Three years passed and Mecha still has never been able to destroy the blue blur, making it quite the problem for Dr. Robotnik. Soon after being upgraded in the Aquatic Base, Egg Mecha mastered his new skills and used them to hunt down all of Sonic's buddies. Years are still passing and Mecha has only had one encounter with the hedgehog. To this day, Mecha still remains out in the woods of South Island, hoping he will finally destroy Sonic the hedgehog.


  • Melee Assualt - When up-close and personal, Mecha turns his claws into his talons and attempts to punch, kick, slice, and perform any other melee attack on his foe.
  • Drill Dive - After airborn, Mecha dives towards his foe with his claws becoming drills. If his attack misses, he can temporarily dig through the ground below.
  • Laser Beam - After his optics turn brighter red than usual, Mecha fires his laser beam. When the beam is fired, it can potentially harm anything it touches, including his foe(s).
  • Digistruct Claws - After angered, Mecha turns his fingertips into needle sharp claws. These claws appear to have an electrical field covering them, causing shock damage to anything they touch as well as typical melee damage which adds up to be quite a critical hit.

Special Abilities

  • Optical Overload - After his claws are deployed and his laser is charged, Mecha fires his laser beam towards the foes from a distance while ending it with a quick leap towards his foes, followed by a round of several slashes from his claws. This ends with a dangerous drill attack that charges into and smashes the opponent backwards and away from Mecha.


  • Lift - Mecha is capable of lifting up anything that is weaker than a local automotive vehicle. When lifted, he can toss them whenever he pleases instead of just drop them back down.
  • Flight - Using his jet boosters on his back, Mecha can take flight and fly around the sky. When flying, Mecha can fire his laser beam as the main choice of attack. He can also lock-on to a target and fire a daangerous electrical beam towards them dealing shock damage.


  • Mecha cannot survive if he falls into or is hit by any water.
  • When near more than twenty powerful electrical interfaces, Mecha's body appears to glitch out and force him to enter a recharge state.
  • Mecha cannot fall long distances without being destroyed upon impact with the ground or any other platforms.
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