The Egg Kaiser
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2.34 tons approx.
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"Now is the time to turn up the heat!"
—Dr. Eggman when about to enter the Egg Kaiser

The Egg Kaiser (Or sometimes known as the EggTank) is a large, hulking tank built by Dr. Eggman to stop Sonic the Hedgehog and is successor to the Drill Buggy.


The Egg Kaiser's chassis is ball-like, with the Eggman Emblem painted on the front. On each side of the Egg Kaiser are two heavy tank treads designed to go through all-terrain. Once the front of the Egg Kaiser opens it reveals a glass compartment in which Eggman operates (Which is also the weakpoint which Sonic must aim for) in and weapons such as Gatling Guns and Rocket Launchers.


After the Drill Buggy failed in Sonic 2 Dr. Eggman abandoned the project for creating a land-based vehicle to defeat Sonic. However, several years later during the events of Sonic: The Awakening he finds the old blueprints of the Egg Kaiser in which he began planning out. He continued planning the Egg Kaiser and began construction a week later. The original Egg Kaisers had to be put through several tests to prove that they had enough strength to defeat Sonic. Around 6 versions were made until a successful one was created, in which is used in the Green Hill zone by Eggman to defeat Sonic.


Sonic: The Awakening

In game, the Egg Kaiser serves as the first boss Sonic faces. The Egg Kaiser will attempt to run sonic over and will also attempt to fire at him with his gatling guns. To defeat the Egg Kaiser Sonic must hit the glass compartment while it is not covered by the metal cover. Once the Egg Kaiser is down to 1/2 of its health it will begin firing homing rockets as well as bullets. Once the Egg Kaiser is destroyed it will explode and Eggman will escape in the Eggmobile. The Egg Kaiser also reappears as a bait-and-switch boss in the Scrap Processing where it is destroyed by one of Eggman's larger machines.


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