The Egg Flail is a robot created by Dr. Robotnik. It resembles a spherical, floating pod with two large, spiked balls attached to its sides with chains. It is a non-sentient machine, thus it has no mind or personality.



More than one Egg Flail was created (like the SWATbots), and was designed as a defensive unit to guard against Freedom Fighter attacks.

After Creation

After Robotnik created a few Egg Flails, he let one loose near the Great Forest so it could destroy it. The Knothole Freedom Fighters, however, noticed it and promptly set out to prevent it from destroying the Great Forest, and possibly Knothole Village.

Attacking the Knothole Freedom Fighters

The Egg Flail proved to be a daunting foe, however, since one strike from its weaponry could prove to be instantly fatal. It actually did manage to hit Mighty, but the armadillo curled into his shell before impact, which was strong enough to drive him into the ground. Thankfully, Mighty suffered nothing more than a bad headache, but was incapacitated for the rest of the fight.

The other Freedom Fighters, however, could think of no safe way to attack the Egg Flail (it could block Dulcy's fire and ice attacks with its flails, and close-up attacks were a suicide move), so they were forced to flee (Mighty had already managed to escape back to Knothole Village at the behest of Princess Sally). The Egg Flail followed them, swinging its flails and taking out trees along the way. Back at Knothole Village,

Attacking Mobotropolis

Egg Flails were among the robots used during Robotnik's assault against the Kingdom of Acorn.

Notable Abilities

The Egg Flail was designed purely for destructive purposes. Its flails (hence its name) can cause incredible damage to building structures, and it is capable of killing someone with one strong strike.

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