The Egg Defender Autogun is an "automatic defense weapon" built by the Eggman Empire as a potential attachment and modification for the Egg Pawns, with later expansion to roboticized and legionized Mobians. While not the intended use, these weapons have also been used by other factions as an attachment for powered armor.

Egg Defender Autogun

Production Information
ManufacturerEggman Empirical Enterprises
TypeAutomated defense energy pulse weapon
Technical Information
Maximum Range500m
AmmunitionSelf-generating energy bolts
Known Users
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design & Attributes

As many of the Egg Pawns are only armed for melee combat; Eggman released bolt-on automatic weapon packs for the drones. Coming with their own targeting dumb-AI systems, the Egg Defender Autogun is simply attached to the drone and then it has a form of ranged defense system. With a slow fire rate due to the weapon's unconventional power draw method, combined with a fairly long effective range, the Egg Defender is a sniper weapon pretending to be a self-defense system. The weapons come in a wide variety of colors and patterns in order to simply blend in and appear like part of whatever robot the dark Doctor desires.

After a while, Eggman began to allow the Dark Egg Legion access to these weapons, with these guns appearing sporadically mounted to the cyborg soldiers. It is uncertain whether or not there are any lasting effects from the weapons at the current time, as there is no direct energy system to draw from.

Examples of these weapons have also been seen on the black market, though they have rarely been sought-after. Some powered armor suits are fitted with these as an additional weapon.


Customized Examples

pending user revelations

Notable Users

  • MegaScience the Mecha Wolf - One of the many Dark Egg Legion members to free themselves from Eggman's control, the legionized wolf who named himself MegaScience has one of these weapons mounted to his shoulder as his most threatening tool as a bandit.
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