The Egg Carrier (エッグキャリア, Eggu Kyaria?) is a fictional flying fortress created by Doctor Eggman in the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games. It appeared first in the game Sonic Adventure. It was modeled after Aerial Strike Vessel/Multi-functional Flying Fortress. It is a large, armoured aircraft with red, yellow, black and white coloured hull, super laser cannon, turret laser cannon, air mines and missile launchers.

There also is a similarity to the Wing Fortress Zone in Sonic 2 (16-bit)

Egg Shuttle

The new Egg Carrier


Egg Carrier, Egg Carrier 2

New Egg Carrier

Other Egg Carriers

Egg Carriers also appeared in Sonic X along with a spaceship version, the Grand Egg Imperial.


Sub Game: TORNADO Scramble

In this sub game,you are flying in the tornado trying to catch the Egg Carrier,you have to shoot down enemies and dodge missiles.

Sub Game: Hedgehog Hammer

In this sub game you play as Amy using her hammer to smash replicas of Sonic getting points, regular Sonics give you 100 points, yellow Sonics give you 500 points and Eggmen decresses your score by 200 points.

Sky Deck

The Sky Deck was one of the most dangerous areas in the game, with machine guns, missiles, air enemies and a strong wind wich can blow you off.

Hot Shelter

In the Hot Shelter you start the stage in an elevator, this stage has cargo area where you have to go farward to the front of the train and stop it.


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The variety of Egg Carriers that appear in various fiction.


Fast The Hedgehog

In the Fast The Hedgehog timeline, the Egg Carrier crash site is known for being a hangout spot.

Sonic Earth 2: Back 2 Earth Again

In the scene "Eggman Comes To Danville", a second version of the Egg Carrier is seen. It's appearance is simillar to Sky Fortress from Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II. This version is able to cross dimensions.

Sonic Youth Adventure

The crash sites of both Egg Carriers can be found near Station Island, and the crash site of the one from Sonic 06 can be seen on Sol Island, near the portal linking the main world and the Sol Dimension

Fan games

EN?GMA Games

The Egg Carrier is planned to be a recurring airship in the Sonic fan games as the role of Dr. Robotnik's "home away from home". The destruction of the air ship is most certain at least once in each planned game (running gag) with the certainty of its return the game after, if necessary to the plot. The concept of this is a familiar base of operations (such as Dr. Robotnik's Lair from AoSTH or Robotropolis HQ from SatAM or comics) also being a mobile base allows it to be at convenient locations such as scenes where Dr. Robotnik escapes or being parked at wherever he set up base for the game. It's appearance will be a cross between its Sonic Adventure and Sonic Next-Gen version, sporting the Eggman logo on its sides.

Ultimate Sonic

The Egg Carrier, just as in Adventure and Next-Gen, will be Dr. Robotnik's retreat. It will also serve as transport to the latest Death Egg which can be accessible after completing the Action Stage Cosmic Deck.

Mystic Monkey

It will be one of the last Adventure Fields that Mystic Monkey can get too on his game (And the second Adventure Field from Sonic Adventure that has been remade). Sonic the Hedgehog is the ally located here who is on trying to stop Dr. Eggman's latest scheme. It's action stage is the Sky Deck Zone which is based after the Sky Deck on the original Egg Carrier but Eggman considered the latest Egg Carrier's defence with the Sky Base Zone, Wing Fortress Zone and the Flying Battery Zone in mind. Now the Sky Deck is so big and dangerous it is now classified as a zone.

It is still his mobile base which will be appearing in other EN?GMA Sonic fan games as Dr. Robotnik's mobile home.

Sonic World

Perhaps, if there will be events that Dr. Eggman needs to leave Metropolis for whatever reasons.

The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes

The Egg Carrier reappears in the game as one of Dr. Eggman's main bases. It has exactly the same design from Sonic Heroes but more powerful and much more heavily armed with cannons and troops. In the game, Eggman gathers the Egg Carrier and his massive armada of battleships to battle against the Gravitus and Immarius. In the game, the Egg Carrier has a large laser cannons detected inside its mouth. Eggman uses ut to fire at the Gravitus mothership twice and once more to destroy the chains attached to the Angel Island. It is also a playable stage.


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