The Egg Burster is an assault rifle designed and built by the Eggman Empire as one of a large number of weapon varieties capable of being carried by the Egg Army, Dark Egg Legion and the humanoid Egg Pawns and EggRobos. While not the most common weapon in his forces, it is still a frequent enough sight for many G.U.N. soldiers and agents to be familiar with these firearms.

Egg Burster

Production Information
ManufacturerEggman Empirical Enterprises
TypeThree-round burst directed energy assault rifle
Technical Information
Maximum Range550m
AmmunitionSelf-generating energy bolts
Known Users
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design & Attributes

A fairly standardized designed among the weapons utilized by the Eggman Empire; the Egg Burster is made of the same red metallic alloy as most of the Eggtech assigned to Egg Pawns, with a variety of color patterns and schemes just as varied as the androids and cyborgs that wield them. Weighing in at roughly three kilograms, and measuring at seventy-two centimeters in total length; these weapons are hardly anything remarkable in stature, even when painted up.

However, one of the key features noted of these weapons is the lack of ammunition required. Unlike even weapons like the MR-32 Plasma Rifle, the Egg Burster draws power from a regenerative energy core that fires red-orange energy bolts at ranges of up to five hundred and fifty meters before the bolts dissipate. However, to distance the Egg Burster from other rifle-type rifles used by the Eggman Empire, the Egg Burster is only capable of firing in three-shot bursts, with the lens refracting slightly after the first shot. Due to this side-effect, the gun is not regarded as being accurate at ranges anywhere close to maximum range, coming to excel instead in the short to moderate ranges that many soldiers in the Eggman Empire find themselves in.

As some of the generals of the Egg Army and those who acquire the weapon on the battlefield or black market have discovered, the Egg Burster is notably good at receiving upgrades and modifications. Notably, many forms of optics are capable of being mounted into these weapons to help non-cyborgs shoot accurately, while many forms of weapon grip and stock alterations can be used to alter the handling characteristics of the rifle. Somewhat strangely, the Egg Burster can even be fitted with a suppressor to "muffle" the energy bolt's distinctive appearance in exchange for halving it's effective range.

However, the one upgrade many desire is the ability to replace the energy core with either a Chaos Emerald Shard-infused variant, or an Exa-Diamond embedded one. Each of these presents a different boost to the way the Egg Burster handles. By utilizing a Chaos Emerald Shard or Fake Emerald Shard, it is often found that the Chaos Force connection boosts the damage of the bolts without any loss of range or combat speed, while the bolts seem to deepen into a red color. The less powerful Exa-Diamonds, however, heavily decrease the recharge time between bursts, allowing a skilled soldier to fire as quickly as the wielder can pull the trigger. In the case of mechanical users, this can result in the Egg Burster appearing to become an automatic weapon. However, these cores tend to overheat if fired rapidly for too long, and need time to cool off. Notably, these bolts appear more yellow than normal. Other crystal-enhanced cores are possible, though no records exist from the Zone Bosses in the Egg Army nor other military experimentation by those with black market or captured variations.


Customized Examples

pending user revelations

Notable Users

  • Jimmy the Catcoon - A young thief who does his best to hide his connections to the Eggman Empire, the young feline Mobian known as Jimmy the Sticky often claims that he acquired his Egg Burster through picking through a battlefield. However, this is not completely confirmed nor denied by any intelligence agencies, despite their observations of the young gentleman.
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