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The Egg Behemoth is a massive robot built by Dr. Eggman.


A hulking colossus of metal, the Egg Behemoth stands at a towering 100 feet tall. Tank-like and bulky in every way, it consists of a massive, central body, somewhat elliptical in shape, held up by six relatively short, thick legs. At one end of the body is a large "head", while a long, thick, tail-like appendage sits at the other. Inside of its body, at the very center of it, is a Chaos Energy core created by Eggman; it is this core that powers it.

At the top of the Egg Behemoth's body is a somewhat flattened, translucent dome, sitting directly above the energy core. The dome absorbs latent Chaos Energy in the air (and Chaos attacks that get close to it) and feeds it to the core, energizing it and even repairing any damage done to the Egg Behemoth; however, it is also the most fragile part of the hull. To make up for this, turrets are mounted around the dome.




The Egg Behemoth emphasizes raw durability and strength over any kind of mobility; it is pathetically slow and cannot make any quick movements, yet also immensely sturdy, able to withstand a barrage of missiles without a scratch to its hull. Its massive weight and power lets it plow (slowly) through anything in its path, be it a building or an army. It can also withstand intense heat and cold, and even electricity does little to faze it.


  • It has two missile launchers, one on each side of its head.
  • Its head can open up and unleash a destructive beam of Chaos energy.
  • The end of its tail is bladed, allowing it to cut through thick trees and even steel with a single swing.
  • There are turrets mounted around the dome that sits on top of the Egg Behemoth's body; they serve the purpose of guarding the dome from attack.
  • The bottom of the Egg Behemoth holds a large, hollow compartment from which smaller forces can be deployed.
  • It can crush pretty much anything beneath its feet, but this is primarily due to its immense weight.


While its outer shell is surprisingly resistant to electricity, the core in its body is highly vulnerable to it. Being so massive and heavy, it will sink like a stone in water. The dome on top of the Egg Behemoth's body is also the most fragile part of it; as a result, it is heavily guarded by turrets mounted around the dome; these turrets aren't terribly sturdy, however.

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