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Edwena the Growbbit is a politician from the Ocean View township in Seaside Hill, where she serves to represent the local area with the regional government, and in turn from there the United Federation.

Edwena the Growbbit

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Cream, with peach exposed skin & green markings on ears & tail
  • Hair: Blue
  • Eyes: Green
  • Deep blue blazer
  • Forest green dress
  • Wooden bracelets around right wrist
  • Green flat formal shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsOcean View township
  • Skilled negotiator
  • Adept public speaker
  • Naturally aligned with Nature
  • Basic self-defense
Other Information
English V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Roughly average in height for a rabbit, with the expected curvaceous figure following suit; Edwena has warm cream fur accented faintly by green patches on the tips of her ears and around her small tail. Her exposed skin is the color of a sun-ripened peach thanks to all the time spent outside within the region of Ocean View; such as as her regular appearances at the regular motor races. What often seems to catch people off-guard is the shoulder-length blue hair kept in tight afro curls as it spills over her shoulders, resulting in her basic physical look summing up three of the key attributes of Seaside Hill - the surf, the sand, and the scrub.


While Edwena has very formal tastes for her public appearances, it is rare for her to show up in her vibrantly colored formal wear to any event or political meeting without being crusted in sand, sap or dirt from her time spent outdoors and her love of the beach. Among her favorite outfits of her expansive wardrobe are a forest green dress tailored for her curves, a deep blue jacket and a set of green flat-soled formal shoes. Quite often; however, this is because these clothes are fairly quick and easy to put on over a two-piece swimsuit so she can grab beach breaks.



As a growbbit, Edwena is biologically aligned with the element of Nature. Her control over plant life, as well as the very limited control over the immediate environment that joins it, is almost second nature to use. However, what Edwena lacks is formal training in many facets of that power. With zero interest in combat uses, she has never had the time available to her since she was a child to actively study and utilize her powers to see how far she could push them. As such, while she has a particularly lush garden at home, it is not an attribute she tends to utilize publicly. This is also because of the rather popular opinion held by the general public about growbbits - because rabbits are already rather famed for reproducing, and a large portion of non-combat utilization of naturakinesis is in the manipulation of fertility, her subspecies tends to be viewed in a fairly impolite manner as being little more than highly potent breeders. Due to this, Edwena is often happier not to publicize her subspecies of rabbit.

As a politician, Edwena is often regarded as a little bit of a media sensation and a real personality, adding to her figure as a reason for public interest. Highly skilled as an orator, Edwena has a knack for getting under people's skin and saying what she thinks in a politically sensible way, while staying right on course with her region's core beliefs rather than aligning herself with any of the big political powers in the region. This also has highlighted that she's potentially a very good liar or performer; as well as incredibly cunning and quick with barbed high-brow insults.

While many political allies have emphasized that she should always have bodyguards in close proximity, especially considering that certain factions have an accelerated interest in kidnapping or enticing attractive females in the public eye, Edwena has had a rather respectable degree of self-defense training for any politician. Without incorporating her elemental power, she has instead honed her ability to unleash incredibly powerful kicks into a fairly balanced kickboxing-like style. While she could never really hold her own for very long due to the nature of her profession and training; she's still capable of avoiding danger and knocking opponents off balance with a powerful kick while maneuvering for her security team to come to help. This has proven especially useful on the beaches of Seaside Hill considering the exposed nature they have.








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