This is an article about Edward Robotnik, a character created by Mesiagamer on 01/9/2015.


He's a male Overlander who is covered in black iron armor with 7 strange slots in it. one over his heart, 2 on the shoulder , 2 on the knees and two on the back of his hands. Under the faceless face plate he's got a short triganle nose, red eyes and red scurfy hair.


He's is an evil genuss like his father but not one that's willing to cross the line and kill someone for fun. But if someone gets in his way look out he will do everything to get that person out of the way if everything else fails he will kill someone. His plans focus on trying to will without makeing a single strike. Even after all that he still has a softer side he considers all his mechians his alies and some he considers his friends and cares for his father as his son.


Not much is known about his past but he's know to have G.U.N combant and weppon training. He was aslo taught everything he knows about technoloigy by his father and may have even surpast him. When he was growing up he decoverd his dark power and proceded to use in his testing with demental crosing this aided him in creatig his first mechian and close friend Mephiles the dark by pulling his soul from oblivion itself. And with his genus and a little browing from his fathers files he has begon to develop a true counter part to the chaos emeralds the dark emeralds. This power will show to be the greatest chalange to any of the adepts.


Dark powers- an equal but oppisite power to that of chaos power. This power actuly weaken's the abilitys of chaos adepts and the more intue the person is to chaos energy the stronger the efects are. This also alows for the use of dark emralds with no advers affects.

Dark spear- Dark powers counterpart to dark spear.

Dark control- Dark powers coutnerpart to chaos control.

Flight- Can hit Mock 2 speeds when low to the ground or other surfaces.


G.U.N combat and Weppons training.

Programing and hacking exptert.

Robotics and mechanics expert.

300 I. Q.


The armor restranes his powers like the inhibtor rings on shdow if he takes it of he gets a big power bost but having it off to long will weken and drain him.

To much chaos energy can have the same effect on him as his dark energy has on his enamys but requeres more to efect him.

Can become emotinal and lose control of self.

Shade stone will drain him of his powers every minnut of exposer limits his power every hour after that.

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