This page contains the interview for the Featured Article of January 2020 Edmund the Shrimp. Taels da fokz II was interviewed on January 16, 2020.

The Interview

# Q1: Why is Edmund so outrageously rich?
A) He found a gold-laden Mobian ship that had drowned, that's how he got rich.

# Q2: Is he a member of the Rothschild family?

A) Obviously not, he's a shrimp.

# Q3: Being so disgustingly stinky rich, what is the most expensive thing he owns?

A) Sega, i think.

# Q4: Has he ever been poor in his life or was he rich from the beginning? Also, what are his views on poverty?

A) Before being rich, he was in an average financial situation. He thinks all the poor are lazy who don't get a job because they don't want to.

# Q5: How come he has no enemies when he possesses so much power and wealth? Sounds really suspicious to me.

A) He lives on the bottom of the sea, Mobius's sea is not as bustling as the surface, he doesn't even know Eggman.

# Q6: As a proper gentleman who fights only with slaps, does he have a strong British accent, likes drinking tea all the time and solves all his issues with others with a duel?

A) Of course, every respectful Gentleman has to have a British accent and drink tea all the time.

# Q7: How can he fit 125 billion dollars in his wallet?

A) His wallet is actually a portal to a pocket dimension with unlimited space.

# Q8: Has he ever sought treatment for his infliction?

A) Already. But the surgeons said he was a lost case.

# Q9: How much did his top hat cost?

A) five dollars.

# Q10: Does Edmund agree that money brings happiness?

A) Sure. With money you buy more money.
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