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Edgecrusher the Wolverpine

Biographical Information
  • Project: Edgecrusher
  • Burton (real name)
Physical Description
Pre-Partial Roboticization
  • Fur:
  • Hair:
  • Eyes: Yellow
Post-Partial Roboticization
  • Fur: Dark gray w/ lighter gray chest and muzzle, black tail tip and red quill tips
  • Hair: Black w/ red tips
  • Eyes: Red
  • Robotic left arm
  • Boots
  • Earring
  • Belt
  • Shoulder belt
  • Fingerless glove (right arm only)
  • Cloak and cape (sometimes)
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Himself
  • Anything he can get his hands on
  • Robotic left arm can manifest many weapons;
    • Chain w/ hook (main weapon)
    • Machine Gun
    • Flamethrower
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Plasma Cannon
    • Power Saw
    • Sword
  • Super strength
  • Advanced combat
  • Various weaponry
  • Flight using jets in boots
  • Can utilize Chaos Drives to give him four different abilities
    • Green Drive: Healing
    • Purple Drive: Telekinesis
    • Yellow Drive: Electricity
    • Red Drive:
Super Forms Heavy Metal Edgecrusher
Other Information
American V.A.Burton C. Bell
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
  • Project: Terminator
Original CreatorRyushusupercat (w/ credits to Fear Factory for the original "Edgecrusher" character)

Burton "Edgecrusher" the Wolverpine is the failed predecessor of Lancer the Hedgehog. Unlike Lancer, who is an android, Edgecrusher is a cyborg (meaning he has both biological and artificial parts).

Physical Description

Under construction

Pre-Partial Roboticization

Post-Partial Roboticization


Under construction.

Captured By G.U.N

G.U.N wanted to create a super-soldier out of a Mobian, but all of their other subjects have died from the repeated experimentation and dissection. Burton the Wolverpine was the first subject of "Project Edgecrusher" to survive most of the tests, but it left him severely scarred and disfigured. Even with G.U.N's promise that he would be "reborn" into a stronger being, Burton prayed for death every night, but it never came.

"Every night, I was denied the sweet kiss of oblivion, and embraced instead by the frozen claws of agony..."

"Death" and "Rebirth"

At last, after one particularly strenuous experiment (which happened to be the one that finalized his powers and appearance), Burton fell into a deep, coma-like state; one so deep that he was pronounced clinically deceased. He was placed in storage for the time being until the G.U.N scientists had time to deal with his "body". While under the deep coma, Burton was mentally locked in a sort of purgatory; an endless sea of fog, with nothing else in it.

Eventually, he came out of the coma, and broke down the door of the storage room.



Burton "Edgecrusher" possesses super strength, particularly in his robotic left arm. This arm is also capable of manifesting many different weapons, his favorite being a long chain with a sharp hook on the end of it. The hooked chain is not only a fearsome weapon, it also doubles as a grappling hook. The bottoms of his boots contain jets, allowing for flight. He is also highly resilient.

Chaos Drives

A while after escaping from the G.U.N base, Edgecrusher was attacked by some of their mechas. He managed to defeat them, but took note of the Chaos Drives that fueled them. Picking a Yellow Drive up, he placed it into the compartment on his robotic forearm. Almost instantly it crackled with electricity, and he was forced to release it all to avoid overheating his robotic arm. He soon realized that G.U.N had meant for him to be able to utilize Chaos Drives in this manner; however, given that he never had the time to practice channeling their energy, they were unstable. He would have to practice using them in order to fully utilize their powers.


He is fully immune to diseases and poisons.


He is a very poor swimmer. He's also not that fast.

Forms and Fusions

Heavy Metal Transformation

Twisted Dimension Edgecrusher

Here, Edgecrusher is believed to be deceased, but is in fact still alive. He is fully organic, however. He specializes in heavy weaponry and hand-to-hand combat.

Friends and Foes






The experimentation has left Burton "Edgecrusher" bitter and cold. He despises G.U.N for what they turned him into, and for the same reason, he despises himself. He will take his hatred out on those around him, particularly G.U.N soldiers.

He has a hard time tolerating the presence of other people, preferring to be left alone. He also has a rather cruel sense of humor.


  • Being alone


  • Himself
  • G.U.N

Biggest Fears


"They claimed that I would be reborn into a better, faster, stronger being. But it was all lies; I was reborn into a half-metallic abomination!" - Burton "Edgecrusher" describing his "rebirth".

"Every night, I was denied the sweet kiss of oblivion, and embraced instead by the frozen claws of agony..." - Burton "Edgecrusher" describing the nights he spent in pain from the experimentation.


Edgecrusher was named after the lead singer of Fear Factory, Burton C. Bell, who is also his American V.A.

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