"If we don't fight, we will be giving up. That's even worse than the worse outcome, getting our rear ends handed to us by them. So we must never give up, and never not try our best." - Eclipse Darkfallen

(Warning of SPOILERS to those reading ROA, The Lightning Strikes)

Eclipse is a black Hedgehog. She is very close to Knight Caros the Hedgehog , who she met when she was 5. She is 14 stops. She was very shy when she was a young child, when she met Knight, Cargrid, Clover, Fire, and Flame. She is one of the three 'Unnatural' powers, Darkness , as her name would definitely imply. Her debut was in the first chapter of The Lightning Strikes , which is centered around her world, the Realms Of Arcana . It was also the first story I ever wrote down. Her skill with her Daggers is incredible, and so is her Ninja abilities. She normal only uses her darkness for stealth, she hardly ever uses any other techniques. She is still shy now, and prefers to see others before they see her. She can hear the slightest noise because of all her ninja training, and this allows her to dodge a lot of attacks and avoid sneak attacks that are used on her. She is a member of Knight's Strike Team, which means she almost always works with him. They work extremely well with each other. She was often targeted by the four for a while, because of her skill in combat, and because she often beat Copter.


Eclipse loves daggers, and is a bit shy. She prefers to see others before they see her. She loves to train her ninja skills. Eclipse likes riding Extreme Gear, and also watching races with them. She is a tomboy. She likes the wind, but it doesn't like her. (wind hurts darkness) Eclipse hates people picking on her or others. She doesn't often get involved in others fights. She likes to have a friend around, (especially Knight) and gets lonely without one.


  • Daggers
  • Training her skills
  • The breeze


  • People picking on her
  • People picking on others
  • Strong wind
  • Being alone 


(Definite SPOILERS)

Eclipse simply has gone through a lot. Her early life was good. She went to school. That's where it went a little wrong. She was rivals with the two most popular girls in the school. Her best friend was rivals with the two most popular boys in the school. The two most popular boys and girls were brothers and sisters. (One boy for one girl, two families) So not only was she in the midst of a school popularity war, everybody was against her, except her best friend. Besides constant bullying, life was fun. When she was 14, all changed in a day. Nothing was gradual about this. She was eating ice cream, with her friends and rivals, and our of nowhere, comes giant sky hovering battleships. Jazz and her army level the city. All the while Eclipse gets knocked unconscious, off a cliff, into water, where she almost drowns. She floats down river, and gets caught on a sandy beach. Heaven for anyone not darkness powered. Anyways, after almost dying from too much direct sunlight, she manages to get through a forest, and find food and water. She attacks a base, which ends up being Echo's. Soon, after some communication and new understandings, she is able to join Knight's strike team. Since then she been fighting Jazz alongside new friends. You can read more about her world Here.

Read the full story! ROA, The Lightning Strikes



Knight: Eclipse has known Knight since she was five years old, and was going to school for the first time ever. She was very shy, but accepted his invitation to go play. She liked the way he acknowledged her feelings, and that he wasn't prejudice. Since that day, they have been like very close siblings. She is without a doubt closest to Knight above all other people. She was separated from him by Jazz while he was choosing his members for the strike team, yet he kept a spot there for her, refusing to give it to anyone else. When she found him again she was very happy. After some difficulties, she was able to join his strike team as the final member. After that, they fought side by side against Jazz and her evil Empire. They work very well in combat together too. Overall, he is her closest friend.

Raddilyn: Eclipse is friends with Raddilyn, even though they little in common. Raddilyn is dual powered, and uses all her techniques in battle, she is obviously not shy, with all those markings. Eclipse is quite shy, and doesn't like being seen. On the other hand, Raddilyn instantly accepted Eclipse by giving her a cold flame. Eclipse has since associated with Raddilyn well, and worked together with her in combat. They are also both on Knight Caros Strike Team. They have known each other since Chapter 11 in ROA, The Lightning Strikes.




Echo: Echo is definitely Eclipse's strongest ally. As leader of the powerful and ruling Echo Empire, (go figure) Echo controls vast armies. Echo saved Eclipse's friends, including Knight Caros, from Jazz and her Rust soldiers. Even after a miscommunication type event, Eclipse was allowed to join Knight's strike team as the fifth and final member. Without Echo, Eclipse would have been ka-splat really early. Eclipse definitely needs Echo as her Ally.

Echo Empire


Clover: Eclipse's primary rival for life. Eclipse truly views Clover with general dislike. Ever since Clover got her in trouble when she was five, they have been rivals. Eclipse is not at all like Clover, who she views as a total wimp. Eclipse and Clover often fight too. While Clover is the obviously most popular girl at her school, Eclipse is probably the least. Literally their only not unchangeable (like both are female) similarity is they both rely on their closest friend/brother.



The other strike teams


Jazz: Eclipse hates Jazz above all others as of now. Jazz destroyed her home city of Aristan. Decimated it. She also separated her from Knight for a while. Jazz started the war, Jazz attacked them, Jazz recruited The Four. Eclipse's goals are aligned with those of Echo, who is Jazz's principle enemy. Jazz wants to turn her world to metal. Eclipse would then die. Jazz even did something worse then anything anyone has done yet to her, but you'll have to read ROA, The Lightning Strikes, to the end when it is completed for that.


Locke Empire

Jazzeon Empire

The Four: Eclipse has come face to face with The Four a lot. Copter, a member of The Four, she has fought the most. She often beats him, but he knocks her health down with ease. She has taken Arrow down once, from behind. These two have their similarities, each one having one person who their very close too, and other friends too. Both prefer to fight without being seen, from afar. Both are super skilled with ranged weapons too. Eclipse's mission puts her at odds to that of The Four, each wanting someone else to rule the continent.


Eclipse Darkfallen is a black Amy Hedgehog. If light shines on her hair/quills then it tends to get an odd gray shading to it. She gets this from
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her gray quilled father. She also gets her liking to the color white, which she wears on her gloves and shoes, from him. She has her hair down, and it falls to halfway between her shoulders and her elbows. She wears black a lot, normally a black tee shirt and black pants. She wears her gloves every day, which are white. She also wears green and white bracelets. Her shoes are black with white markings, and have an odd red glow to them. She really likes the color black.



Eclipse is an expert at stealth. She is an expert ninja too, and is equipped with all the proper skills. She is very good with her daggers. She is very quick too. She is also good with her hands and feet in combat, but prefers to use daggers. Eclipse can swim, unlike Knight. Eclipse's main skill is her acrobatics combined with her daggers. She can hit a bullseye from very far away. Eclipse can also run right up a wall. Eclipse is abnormally strong for a Hedgehog, being able to withstand (without any lasting damage) a tackle from an echidna while she was very low in health. This is because her father was an echidna. Her ninja skills make her a dangerous opponent. 


Eclipse's light weight makes her easy to throw around. She is damaged easily by wind, and if she gets too much direct sunlight, it really hurts her. She can start to get lonely, which can be viewed as a weakness. She can be surrounded easily, and when she does, she will lose. If you sneak up on her, and hit her hard before she sees you, her health will drop like a rock. Eclipse also tends to rely on her closest friend a bit too much as well. 


Eclipse is Darkness powered, and she uses it to stealth. She also uses darkness to boost her attack power. Eclipse can also heal herself with her darkness if there is moonlight, by standing in it. Also, she has performed Lunar Beam, a very powerful Darkness move. Eclipse is weightless, (a passive ability, darkness, (this is the darkness in the Realms of Arcana, remember. This may not apply to ALL fan-fictions) Weightless equals no impact, no sound) so she makes no footprints, and it is virtually impossible to hear her steps.


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