A somewhat complex, but powerful, Balance-Elemental attack. Unlike Eclipse Cannon however, this one can be cancelled out by other Balance-Elemental attacks, including Eclipse Cannon.


First the user forms two balls of energy in his hands, one of pure dark energy, and one of pure light energy. The user then fires a beam of energy from the hands separately, firing a beam of light and dark. The user then slowely bends the beams together so they swirl around each other. The user can bring his hands together while doing this to make this part easier. Upon impact, instead of an explosion, the result will be the creation of a field of reality where all attacks hit no matter what. While this field cannot cancel out moves that do the opposite or something similar, it does make it hard for the users to do this. However, this field affects everyone, including the user who fired the beam originally. The eclipse beam can be fired and used without the reality warping-effect however. The Eclipse Beam without reality warping is a moderate-level Balance Elemental attack, while the Eclipse Beam with reality warping is an extreme/master-level Balance Elemental attack.


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With reality warping, this is an A-Rank attack. Without, it is a B-Rank attack.


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